Yuri Yegorov: biography, creativity and the best poems

About the biography of the poet Yuri Yegorov very little is known, but some information is available.

Brief biography of Yuri Egorov

Poet Yuri Egorov was born on May 26, 1962 inMoscow region. He received his higher education at the Moscow Regional Pedagogical Institute named after NK Krupskaya. After graduating from the historical faculty of this university, Yuri Yegorov spent most of his life teaching. In 2010 he worked in an elective office in the city government.Yuri Egorov

Yuri's poetic activity begins in 2008year, after which in 2012 the poet suddenly disappears, and new works are not published. In addition, along with the author's loss, all information about the poet and his poems simply disappear from the Internet.

Works for the soul

A very strange fact is that the poemsSkazochnik (pseudonym of the author) were not given due attention. Despite the fact that we often encounter his works on the Internet, Yuri Yegorov did not enjoy much popularity, although his fans naturally exist.

Reading reviews of his poems, you can oftento see negative opinions, in which phrases like "stupid rhythm of a work", "monosyllabic rhymes", "too ordinary words in content" sparkle. But there is also a share of untruth: in his works the poet uses various verse kinds of rhymes - one can meet both cross and adjacent, and external, and internal.

However, this is the beautypoems by Egorov: because of their simplicity, they are accessible to everyone. After all, in order to create the beautiful, it is not necessary to create a complex pattern. Beauty lies in simplicity.Yury Yegorov Poems

The poems of the poet Yuri Yegorov are filled with feeling; theyare able to tell about the poet much more than anything else. His works are full of metaphors, personifications, epithets, comparisons. The author himself is in prostration, in a parallel universe, where everything is beautiful with its romantic and bright colors. Despite the fact that there are a lot of lyric poems in the poet's work, the main theme of which was the unbearable longing for a woman, the works dunk the reader into a pleasant melancholy, a sadness that is peculiar to a smile.

Lots of beautiful words about love

About his poems you can talk a lot and a long time,it would be more expedient to simply cite as examples several of the most famous Yegor works. Yuri Yegorov's poems are dedicated to a woman whose works are full of tenderness and tenderness:

Behind your window -
Snow flakes all night
To fly,
You lie, and the heat
And it's easy in the dark

If a poet is a spring, it's time for beautifulfeelings that are able to inspire and tear off the ground, then autumn is the time of yearning and experience. Just like other authors, the poet Yuri Yegorov wrote about his feelings, about his love. He was able to compare his inner state with nature, which changes, like his mood in difficult moments.

Why are you crying, the autumn is bright,
That rain sobs, then foliage?

His poems are permeated with sadness, a tender feeling,the reciprocity of which is so necessary for man. Despite this, the lines do not drive into a deep depression, but on the contrary, they make you think about such a high feeling as love.

His poems are very popular, but few know who the author of these beautiful words is ...

... Let's deceive you forever?

Let me fall in love with you ...

How sensual and penetrating his words! They make their way to the heart and touch the soul!poems by Yuri Egorov

Amazing features of the poet's lyrics

Acquainted with the work of Yuri Egorov, you candraw some conclusions about the character of a talented person and even notice a paradox: despite all his spiritual torments, he was able to perceive himself as something great. Going into the meaning of his love lyrics, you can see how low his opinion of himself was. Therefore, it seems strange how Egorov was able to write about himself as someone significant.

In some of his works he also strovecall yourself a fool, unable to save elementary, keep his happiness, while in others he wrote about himself as a person who will remain in the memory of people, will be known now and after many, many years. And he really was right - his poems are magnificent, and those who got acquainted with the author's creativity will not remain indifferent to the syllable that is present in all works, and the meaning that the poet Yuri Yegorov puts into every single word.

... I'll be in a hundred years
A book in someone's little apartment.

yuri yegorov storyteller

Other Egorov's poems: the magic in each line

But apart from the love lyrics Yuri Pavlovich composed andpoems that could recreate a special mood. The lines he wrote on New Year's Eve immerse the reader in that winter mood, which causes a painful nostalgia for the past, an incredible longing for comfort. He wrote:

The air is starchy,
The snowball sparkles and creaks,
And in the silence of cozy bedrooms
Your city is asleep.

In the imagination immediately appear large snowflakes outside the window, the warmth of the home, a burning fire in the fireplace, the presence of a loved one nearby and a brightly decorated Christmas tree. Such a pre-New Year atmosphere with his extraordinary metaphors, personifications and epithets is romantically created by Yuri Yegorov.yury egorov storyteller poetry

The storyteller: poems, capable of bewitching

Egorov created under the pseudonym "Skazoch-nik." And in fact, such a nickname appeared because all his poems are like a fairy tale - they are so touching the soul that often when reading his works through the body goosebumps. The most amazing thing about his work is how Yuri Egorov was able to describe the feelings of heroes in his poems. Simultaneously feel both warm sadness and cozy joy - is it possible? Perhaps just enough to read the fabulous, magical poems by Egorov.

It is worth noting the fact that many beautifulYuri's works are laid to music. The lines of his creations inspire hope in every reader, and to this day they have become an inspiration for writers, artists and composers.

Beautiful "fairy tales" about love

One of his most touching worksis "A Tale for Two." Subtlety in the perception of the world, a special longing for the beloved person - Yuri managed to convey all this in the lines of "Tales for Two", which was co-written with the poetess Ksenia Arkhipova, and after some time it was put on the music of Vladimir Buslaev:

And on the Earth was winter, the crystal forest rang ...
With a sad smile at the window, a tired wizard
He smoked, and wrote fairy tales about little princesses,
And these tales (sometimes) came true among people.

But in addition to "Tales for Two" in the repertoire of Egorov was a lot of other spiritual poems. In his other "fairy tale" he wrote:

The soul of my violinist, the last note - the phrase

Touch me with the bow, like the blade of a knife.

poetry by Yuri Yegorov

The general conclusion about the work of Yuri Egorov

Yuri Egorov, whose verses touch upon the mosthidden strings of the human soul, became a real poet, despite the fact that he did not receive such wide popularity as his colleagues in writing. However, even now people reading Yegorov can call him a really bright writer, whose poems are remembered, create a special atmosphere, which, alas, not every author can recreate. Already in our day, such "unaccepted" and "misunderstood" in the literature modern poets are gaining popularity.the poet Yuri Yegorov

His creativity inspires hope and faith in those whohas long been disappointed in life and does not believe in a happy ending. That bright impression that remains after reading the poems of Yuri Yegorov, brings to each reader peace and tranquility in moments of spiritual imbalance. His works are really capable of changing the view of things, so that all adversity and failure will not be perceived with the same fury and despair. Yuri Yegorov deserved recognition and respect, which, alas, for a long time did not receive.

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