Why is Yandex not working?

Kira Dobrovolskaya
Kira Dobrovolskaya
February 1, 2013
Why is Yandex not working?

Quite often it happens that many services from Yandex stop working. Not surprisingly, in this regard, users have a question about why Yandex does not work. There are several possible reasons why this search engine may not work.

Possible browser problems

It is important to remember that old versions of browsers are unreliable, so it often happens that some Yandex services do not work. That is why the question of why Yandex.mail does not work can be approached from this point of view. Older browsers are not always able to display sites correctly, so it is strongly recommended to update your browser version on time.

In addition, you need to understand that most browsers use the HTTP protocol for data transfer. Also it is worth considering that before you get to the computer from the site, the information passes through several other links. That is why some data may not reach or be damaged in the process of transmission, which will lead to deterioration of the services.To secure the browser and protect the data, it is recommended to use the secure HTTPS protocol. By switching the method of sending and receiving data in the browser settings, you can not only get rid of questions like “Why aren't Yandex cards working?”, But also protect your computer. This can be done very simply. To do this, simply add the letter "S" in the address bar. You can also enable this option in your browser settings.

Other reasons

Many users wonder why only Yandex does not work, and this is not surprising. It often happens that Yandex servers can fail, which leads to complete inoperability of this portal and all its services. In this case, the main page of the site may open, however, such services as Yandex.Money, Yandex.Maps, etc. may not work.

Along with this, third-party services may also stop working. For example, the Rambler search engine uses Yandex as a search engine. Therefore, if the server of the aforementioned search engine crashes, search queries may not work, as well as ratings like Rambler TOP100 and so on.

Do not forget about the problems on your own computer. Often, the reason for the inability of the Yandex page is the presence of viruses on the user's personal computer, which denies access to the site by adding a special line to the hosts file located in the Windows system folders.

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