Why the deja vu effect occurs

For humanity, the deja vu effect is a mysterious phenomenon. It appears suddenly, and the duration of a few seconds. I wonder why there is a deja vu effect?

Being in a state of deja vu, a person perceives the events as already experienced or previously seen. This applies to unfamiliar places that seem familiar for a long time or certain events when actions and words are known in advance.

People from antiquity researchers have this phenomenon. According to Aristotle, the effect of deja vu is a kind of game of the subconscious that arises under the influence of a combination of factors on the human psyche.

Actively investigated the phenomenon in the nineteenth century. Psychiatrists were able to detect a number of mental states like deja vus. Among them, the effect of zhamevyu is a sign of mental disorder.

During life, people experience the effect of deja vu many times. Each manifestation of the mysterious phenomenon has certain symptoms. The man is sure that he was once in this place and survived the event.He is well aware of the words that he utters, and the actions of people around him. In general, the manifestation of deja vu strongly resembles the ability of psychics to foresee an event, but is characterized by a subconscious nature.

Deja vu arises and passes unexpectedly. Duration does not exceed one minute and does not affect the mind and psyche. However, in medical practice there are cases when the frequent appearance of deja vu had a close connection with a mental disorder.

Symptoms of the phenomenon can occur simultaneously with epileptic seizures. In such a situation, a person is unable to control the development of the phenomenon and the onset of a seizure. Therefore, individuals suffering from epilepsy or mental problems are recommended to respond less emotionally to the development of life events. As a result, the feeling of deja vu will occur much less frequently.

The effect of déjà vu reminds watching movies. A man has seen a similar plot, but he cannot remember when and with what conditions. Some try to predict what is happening, but nothing happens.

The opinions of scientists about the effect of deja vu are divided.Some argue that the human brain is able to encode time, others claim that the phenomenon is a situation where a person saw a sequence of certain events during sleep. Seeing similar circumstances in reality, this effect appears to him.

Consider the causes of the phenomenon can be hours. This is not to say that the phenomenon is good or bad. Until such time as scientists disagree, the deja vu will continue to remain unexplored and mysterious.

I will give useful advice. Usually for the human body, this game of consciousness is safe. If relapses become more frequent, she needs to pay more attention and consult with a doctor.

The effect of deja vu in a dream

Fantasy in a dream

Have you seen in a dream a place you have already visited, but not in real life? These feelings - a manifestation of the effect of deja vu in a dream, which stirs the minds of scientists for a hundred and fifty years. Luminaries of science, explaining the phenomenon, put forward a variety of reasons for its appearance. In the material I will consider three of them.

The first reason: echoes of the past

In dreams reflects the personal experience of a person obtained in a previous life. The phenomenon of transmigration of the soul.People after this kind of dreams remembered things that they could not even guess. For example, one traveler, who decided to rest in the summer in another country, without any problems, found ruins of a castle in unfamiliar territory, in which, according to his dream, he worked as a butler.

Some psychiatrists claim that sleep can indeed reproduce the events that a person experienced in a past life.

Second reason: forgotten memories

Scientists who do not believe in the transmigration of souls explain the phenomenon of deja vu in a dream with forgotten memories. It is about childhood experiences or minor events that were once recorded. During sleep, such "memoirs" rise from the depths of memory and burst into consciousness.

The third reason: the gift of prediction

According to the third reason, deja vu in a dream are predictions, and memories that did not surface to the surface that did not surface. The future is formed in the subconscious, and the finished picture of upcoming events is reflected in dreams.

The theory says that a person in thoughts can penetrate both into the past and into the future. When a person sleeps, he sees what his strongest emotions are directed at.This may be a career success, a rest at the seaside or parting with the second half. Experiences cause dreams, inspiring confidence that the event has already seen. This is the phenomenon of prophetic sleep that will help prepare for the upcoming test, joy or success.

Deja vu in a dream - the voice of the subconscious, which deserves special attention. Write down such a dream in order to subsequently analyze and draw certain conclusions.

It is not uncommon for someone to dream about something familiar - a person, a building or a city, but you don’t remember it. It is possible that the memories lost in the memory were reflected in the dream. If you see a similar dream, study the history of ancestors, find old photos or collages. This will help to find the answer to the night deja vu.

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If in a dream aspirations and desires are reflected, most likely, in the near future you will find yourself in a situation resembling a dream plot. Some believe that such dreams are the key to managing life and modeling the future.

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