Why dream of stealing?

Yuri Belousikov
Yuri Belousikov
August 9, 2012
Why dream of stealing?

Here we will talk about what dreams of stealing something from another person - things, money, etc., and also about what dreams: they stole money from you.

If you dreamed that you stole something from another person or you are accused of it - this means that in the future interference in some important matter for you is likely. Perhaps some misunderstanding will prevent the early implementation of your plans, however, everything will be settled with time, will return to normal, although you will be quite worried.

If in a dream while traveling or walking (or when you were somewhere else outside the house) money was stolen from you, it may mean that you should be especially careful about your actions during a given period of time, as it is now very important to be extremely careful in order to avoid some serious danger looming over you. If you dreamed that your money was stolen from your home or apartment while you were away, this indicates your weakness and softness in reality.It is necessary to show character, says this dream, in order to avoid serious trouble in the future. Also, a weak character is also indicated by a dream in which you saw robbers or discovered theft in yourself or in others. You need to be more consistent in your decisions, firm in making them - then you can avoid any failure. In other words, theft most often means that in reality you need to have or at least work hard to be firm in order to cope with any troubles.

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