What dreams of puddles?

Olga Bespalova
Olga Bespalova
February 18, 2015
What dreams of puddles?

The desire to find out what this or that dream was having is quite natural (especially if this dream has made an indelible impression on you). That is why, waking up in the morning, people often turn to dream books, trying to understand what the dream is telling them. Of course, we must not forget that now there are many dream books, giving different, often even contradictory interpretations. But after reading them, you can finally understand the interpretation of which dream book suits you most.

Interpretation of sleep with a puddle: Miller's Dream Book

Many people want to understand how to interpret a dream in which they had a puddle. Dream Miller gives the answer: very differently, depending on the purity of its water. If you enter a clean puddle - wait soon for trouble, after which something good will happen quickly. If you dreamed that you entered into a dirty puddle - unfortunately, there will be several such troubles.

If, having entered a puddle, in a dream you clearly feel that you have wet your feet, do not rush to rejoice at the current state of affairs in your life: such a dream means that today's joys threaten to turn into grief later.

Modern dream book

Trying to understand what dreams of puddles, you should ask for help immediately to several dream books. For example, unlike Miller’s dream book, the Modern Dream Book offers a slightly different (though not contradictory) interpretation of such a dream. If in it you walk with great pleasure through puddles filled with clean and warm water - this is a joy. If the water in the puddles is dirty and muddy - it promises a series of troubles.

A modern dream book also claims that if in a dream you wet your feet in a puddle, you will soon have to pay for today's joys and pleasures.

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