Which mobile operator?

Elena Lukash
Elena Lukash
April 16, 2013
Which mobile operator?

Among the variety of mobile operators, it’s very difficult to find the one and only, whose tariffs and the quality of communication and Internet connections will be fully arranged. Often, owners acquire several SIM cards at once for successful use. Indeed, in the same coverage area, the same representative of the network can give completely different results. So which mobile operator is better? Here are some good recommendations from sophisticated experimental users.

User Opinion

When choosing an operator, decide which calls you are going to make with it: it will be just phone calls with friends or ongoing negotiations with business colleagues. Depending on this, several operators offer certain rates. For example, Beeline is well suited for long conversations within the network, but, alas, the network can not be caught everywhere.But though Megaphone offers expensive tariffs, it guarantees good quality of communication under any conditions. What, alas, is not to say about the MTS: not only is the connection seriously messed up, so, according to the subscribers themselves, money mysteriously disappears from the accounts.

Tariffs to choose from

If you don’t want to believe in the word, then compare the tariffs yourself. We offer a choice of four operators: Beeline, MTS, Megafon and Tele2.

  1. Mobile operator MTS.

    Offers several advantageous rates for on-net conversation. For example, one of them “Super MTS” tariff includes free Internet, as well as calls to all MTS subscribers in Russia plus - to city numbers in the capital. Transition to the tariff costs 150 rubles.

  2. Mobile operator Beeline.

    “Bee” favorite of the public is also happy to try for subscribers. One of the tariffs is “Zero Doubt”. The operator offers everyone who is ready to use the service free calls to all Beeline numbers both in Moscow and other regions of the Russian Federation. The cost of switching to this tariff is 100 rubles.

  3. Mobile operator Megafon

    One of those operators whose coverage area is located throughout Russia.At the same time for each region offers its own rates and terms of service. More information about all services can be found on the official website of the company. For comparison, one of the tariffs for the Moscow region is “Everything is simple”. It is proposed to communicate with subscribers of all cellular networks. Local calls will cost 1.6 rubles, long-distance - 2.9 rubles.

  4. Mobile Operator Tele 2

    One of the most "stable" operators for tariff offers. Unlike competitors, Tele2 does not often indulge its subscribers with new offers, but keeps prices low for several years. So, a minute of conversation within the network costs 5 kopecks.

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