Which internet is faster?

Edward Stefchishin
Edward Stefchishin
February 13, 2013
Which internet is faster?

The Internet, the world wide web, in the network of which everyone wants to be. There are no problems with access to it, uninterrupted operation and speed of information exchange is considered important. Which Internet is faster and more reliable can be found in the information of the Internet provider, i.e. provider, which is provided in the price lists.

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet is not too fast, and even with the provision of the maximum speed for today in 3G, it is not always possible to use it 100%. High-quality wireless data transmission depends on many factors and often weather conditions or the presence of various interferences of another physical nature reduce speed and in some cases cause interruptions.

Cable connection

Wired connection is more reliable and exceeds the speed of data transmission and transmission wireless. The most productive and reliable is the transfer of data over fiberglass cables and in the case of providing one of the providers of such a service, it is worth connecting.Basically, the Internet connection is via cable television networks or telephone lines. Such an Internet, with good lines, is also of high quality and the speed is kept constant, without cliffs.

The majority of providers today provide an unlimited traffic Internet, i.e. unlimited Therefore, it is possible to understand which Internet is the fastest, naturally the one with the most expensive tariff. The higher the payment for the Internet, the higher the speed of reception and transmission of information and of course the exchange of data. At high speed, downloading and uploading files happens quickly and in large volumes. Providers thus compensate for the costs of paid traffic and server maintenance on which the information is located. It does not matter if you download information or not, the tariff remains the same for all users of this service.

In the recent past, the speed of 3 megabits was considered the limit. For today such speed is available for the mobile phone and the wireless modem. For wired internet, speeds above 20 megabits have become the norm in almost every city.

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