Which electric meter to choose? Electricity overview and selection tips

In order to save money at home, it is necessary to reduce the cost of paying for electricity. It should be noted that most household appliances have increased power. This undoubtedly affects the size of the cost of services, prescribed in the monthly receipts. That is why the current issue is the choice of electricity meter.

First you need to figure out which electric meter is better, and then it will be easy to choose the devices that are relevant for your home, apartment, or dacha. At the moment there are several types of products.

what meter to choose

Induction and electronic device

Induction product is also called mechanical. Such devices are still used in buildings of the old type, being the most well-known and standard. Devices have many advantages, including they are durable, reliable and inexpensive.If we talk about the shortcomings, then their accuracy class is low, respectively, a person can either not pay extra money for electricity, which is not so bad for the user, or overpay.

And what is the advantage and purpose of the electronic meter? Electronic products are multifunctional. They can work at once with several tariffs. Moreover, such devices do not take up much space on the shield. Among the shortcomings should be noted the high cost, as well as a small period of operation. That is why buyers do not often purchase this type of electricity meters.

If you choose between these two devices, then you need to choose the type of meter that will be the most affordable in terms of finance.

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Single tariff and multi tariff

Between the owners of single-tariff and two-or three-tariff devices often occur disputes. The advantages of two-tariff meters are that, thanks to them, you can significantly save your money, since the devices pay for themselves in just a year. Moreover, such meters less emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. The same devices help in the operation of power plants.This is due to the fact that the electricity producer will have to spend less money on repairing equipment, since such devices rarely break. Among the shortcomings of two-tariff meters, it should be noted that not all regions of the country use night and day rates.

In some cities there is a tendency when during the day 1 kW costs as much as 2 times more than at night. The price, with night consumption, is only 20% lower than usual. After the two-tariff counter will be installed, it is necessary to use household appliances correctly, otherwise there can be no talk of any economy. As a rule, counters for two or three tariffs are convenient only for those people who do not use washing machines and dishwashers, air conditioning, or heaters during the day. That is, if a person will do his laundry and wash dishes after 12 at night, then there is a saving. It is quite substantial. If you use these household appliances during the day, the consumer with such an electric meter for an apartment will overpay several times than the owners of conventional meters.

Single phase and three phase

Which type to use depends entirely on the wiring that is carried out in the house. The counter must match it. Otherwise there may be power outages.Also often due to the wrong type of device the wiring is lit.

electricity meter review

Accuracy class

Quite an important feature, which should be discussed in the review of electricity meters. It affects the accuracy of electricity metering. When choosing a device it is necessary to pay attention to this indicator. It is advisable to purchase meters with an accuracy of no less than 2. The larger this figure is, the less likely it is that a person will either overpay or not pay for the service.


Another important characteristic that you need to pay attention to when choosing a device is power. Before you decide on what kind of meter you need, you need to know the total load in the apartment or in the house. Most commonly sold meters that are designed for currents from 5 amps to 100 amps.

which meter is better


The method of attachment is not a fundamentally important characteristic, but it determines the comfort of use. There are devices that are mounted on a DIN-rail or with the help of bolts.

Terms of Use

According to the conditions of use, you need to select a device that can be used only in heated rooms. There are street models.What counter to choose - it is necessary to understand only the owner.

Which electric meter to choose: what to consider first

Having considered the types of electricity meters, you need to highlight what would be best for the house, apartment, garage and villas. First you need to pay attention to the power characteristics of the device. In order to correctly determine the total power that all household appliances consume, it is necessary to calculate which electrical appliances a person will use. As a rule, in the passport of each official product their nominal values ​​are indicated in kW. We need to summarize these figures and take a bit more (just in case). Based on the received figure, the required meter power will be determined.

For example, if the total is about 10 kW, then you need to buy a model for 60 A. This will be quite enough, even if you purchase and connect new devices. If the power that is consumed per day is more than 10 kW, then it is better to purchase a device at 100 A. As a rule, the first option will be quite enough for a house and apartment.

Next, select the type of unit. They are already specified above: mechanics or electronics, one-rate or multi-rate.First of all, a person must adequately weigh the financial possibilities in order to choose the right device. If the selection is difficult, it is better to consult with experts.

For giving, it is best to choose single-rate appliances, because saving electricity with multi-tariff once a week / month will be quite difficult, and it should be understood that during the day you will have to pay twice a day. Therefore, it is worth a responsible approach to the question of which electricity meter to choose.

Next you should pay attention to the type of attachment. It is better to choose a device that is attached with a rail. Such devices are universal, they can be mounted on a wall or with a housing.

The last characteristic that you need to pay attention to when choosing is the manufacturer. The most popular domestic firms include the Leningrad Electromechanical Plant, Incotex, Energomera Concern, and so on. If you choose among foreign firms, this is Easterbrook, General Electric. Before buying it is better to look at the reviews about a particular counter model that a person wants to buy.Because the most objective assessment can be given only by those who have already used this device.

appointment of an electric meter

How to choose an electricity meter?

What to prefer? Tips on choosing an electric meter will be quite relevant for many people who do not know how to select them correctly. If you want to install the device in the garage, you need to purchase quite powerful equipment. There may be several types of devices that consume a lot of electricity. It is about welding, compressor and so on.

The date of verification of the product should be indicated in the attached passport, so you need to pay special attention to it. You should also see that all the seals on the case were in the original state. State date verification should have an indicator not higher than 2 years, if we are talking about a single-phase device, and not more than a year for a meter in three phases. You should not listen to the advice when they say that it is better to overpay and purchase an automated counter. Unfortunately, this device will not change anything for the better, as it will track the power consumption for the company. If a person notices that there is an error in the wrong direction for the user, you still have to pay extra money.

Domestic manufacturers also deserve the attention of buyers. Do not blindly trust only electricity meters from foreign firms. You need to search on the forum reviews about the device and choose the cheapest, but reliable device. You should be familiar with the nuances of repairing a particular model depending on the manufacturer. It is worth noting that many companies take a lot of money for the repair of equipment.

A small nuance that many people do not pay attention to, but after the acquisition it starts to spoil life, is the noise level of the device. You should pay attention to it before buying.

Those who use electricity meters for a long time should know what verification is. An electronic device has a long verification period when compared with induction. Therefore, many people think about which electricity meter to choose. If a person chose a mechanical device, then you need to check it before you buy it. To do this, scroll by hand on the disk. If it rotates by inertia, then the mechanism is suitable for work. If there is a violation of the course, then this device has any defect.

 types of electricity meters

Common Models

Quite popular is the “Mercury” (a good brand of electricity meters for installation in an apartment and a house) of the 201 and 202 series. These devices are electronic, they work with one tariff and have a maximum current value of 60-80 A. Often they are installed in apartments of high-rise buildings . The warranty on such a device is about 6 years, in fact it is able to work up to 30. Verification should be carried out every 16 years.

Also distributed "Mercury" multi-tariff. This device works with 4 rates. The maximum current supply is 60 A. The intertesting interval is 16 years. It should be noted that this device is able to synchronize with a computer and transfer data to electronic media.

The three-phase electricity meter "Mercury" has an accuracy class of 1.0. Verification should be carried out, as in the previous versions, every 16 years. Warranty 5 years, service life about 30.

How much is the electricity meter "Mercury"? The cheapest will cost 1 thousand rubles.

 tips on choosing an electric meter

Concern Energomera JSC. Single phase meter

The maximum current load is up to 100 A. The resource of the device is about 200 thousand hours. Due to the design of the device, electricity metering has a high level of accuracy.Also, it is not affected by electromagnetic interference. Sold such a device with different types of mounting with DIN-rail or under the bolts.

Concern Energomera JSC. SE102 multitariff

Can work with four rates. The device has a storage device. If suddenly the meter is de-energized, the measurements are not lost. The mount can also be either bolted or DIN-rail. This device is protected from mechanical stress as well as magnetic storms. The device is an excellent answer to the question: "Which electric meter to choose?"

Concern Energomera JSC. Three phase for home

Such a device will last about 30 years, its warranty period is 4 years. The interval between calibration is 16 years. The device is able to count three types of energy - total, active and reactive. You can connect the device either through a transformer or directly. Such a device is used to count electricity in a three-phase network.

ABB counters

They have an accuracy class of 1.0. Designed for power consumption up to 80 A. As a rule, they are used to create modular switchboards and are installed using a DIN-rail.

Quite popular are single-phase multi-tariff devices from different companies.As a rule, they work with a load of up to 80 A. Such devices work with two tariffs. There is a memory function. You can transfer data using infrared. The warranty is about 5 years, the service life reaches thirty. Verification interval of 16 years.

In order to choose the device that best suits the user according to his lifestyle, you should also consult a specialist before purchasing the unit.

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