Where is Belarus located?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
April 26, 2015
Where is Belarus located?

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Belarus (the official name is the Republic of Belarus) is a state in Eastern Europe that was part of the USSR before 1991, today a member of the CIS - the Commonwealth of Independent States. Of course, we all heard about Belarus, but how much do we know about its geographical location? Let's see where Belarus is.

Belarus is located, as we have said, in Eastern Europe and is bordered in the east by Russia, in the west by Poland, in the south by Ukraine, and in the north by Lithuania and Latvia.

The territory of Belarus is mostly flat, the elevations are rare, they are located mainly in the central part of the country and form the Belarusian ridge. About 40% of the country’s territory is covered by forests, including national parks - Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Braslavsky Lakes, Pripyatsky Park, etc.

The highest point of the country is 345 meters above sea level - the Minsk Upland, and the lowest - 85 meters - the Neman Lowland.

Belarus is the largest European country in its territory, which has no access to the sea.

The area of ​​the country is 207,599 km2.


The capital of Belarus is Minsk. The city was founded in 1067, in the whole history it was destroyed and rebuilt dozens of times, most of all suffered during the Second World War, was almost completely destroyed.

Currently, Minsk is a developed modern city, the most populated in the country, with almost 2 million people living in it.


The population of Belarus is 9.5 million people. 80% are Belarusians, 10% are Russians, 10% are other nationalities. In Belarus, two official languages ​​are Belarusian and Russian, the official religion is Orthodoxy.


The climate in Belarus is moderately continental, mild and rather humid. The average summer temperature is +18 degrees, winter - -5 degrees. In winter there are often thaws. Precipitation is moderate, more in the north - up to 800 mm, less in the south - up to 500 mm.

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