When do the water flow?

Many women who are in the last weeks of pregnancy fear they will not notice when the waters are gone, that they will miss this moment, thereby putting their unborn baby in a deadly position.

What is water?

To begin with, let's touch on the topic of what is water. Water is the amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby in the uterus. Its amount depends on the duration of pregnancy, usually by the end of pregnancy the amniotic fluid is about one and a half liters. Water plays an important role, they protect the fetus from infections and injuries. Therefore, when the waters have withdrawn, you must immediately go to the hospital, as the child may die without water.

Is it water or not?

But it is known that the waters do not always all go away at once, sometimes they begin to leak, and many expectant mothers are afraid that they will not notice it. Waters begin to depart when the integrity of the membranes of the fetus is broken, and it will not necessarily be a waterfall. The hole in the shells may be small, and then the water will be poured out in small portions. A large amount of water you will notice, the threat is their insignificant excretion. How to define it?

In women during pregnancy, the amount of discharge increases, but in the later stages of pregnancy, you can use a rag pad. If the water is leaking, you will notice that the gasket is wet. The waters are ideally clear and odorless unlike urine, for example. If you suspect that water is flowing away in this way, then today in pharmacies a special test for determination of amniotic fluid is sold. You buy it and go to your doctor, who will make it to you by taking a swab from the vagina.

If suddenly there are traces of meconium in the waters (baby's original feces) or they have a brown or pink color, this means that not everything is in order with the baby and you need to “fly” to the hospital right away.

When water flows away, a woman may feel as if she has suddenly described herself. After that, pain may appear or simply increase the tone of the uterus.

Send water when to give birth?

Remember, if the water is diverted or drift a little bit, you need to urgently go to the hospital, no matter what duration of pregnancy you are. If the waters have withdrawn at the end of the term, in the last weeks of it, then you will have given birth for a maximum of 12 hours, since the child cannot be more without water.

If the term is short, then most likely, the doctors will do everything possible to try to keep your pregnancy for some time. You are hospitalized, fetal life will be under the constant supervision of doctors. With the help of modern medicine today can save a child even with a period of 20 weeks.

Therefore, do not be afraid that you will not notice the discharge of water. Pregnant women are usually extremely attentive, and they feel any change instantly. The main thing is that if the waters have poured out, in no case should one sit at home and wait for the onset of labor. We urgently need to go to the maternity hospital, because without water your child’s life is in danger.

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