When is Christina's birthday on the church calendar?

Even if you are not a believer, you probably know that each of us has not only a birthday, but also angel's day. For some people, this is really a special holiday. After all, on this day they honor and praise the personal defender of the person, the holy great martyr who helps in difficult times.

Some people celebrate birthdays several times a year. This is because the church calendar mentions several saints with the same name. Christine's Angel Day is exactly the kind of “reusable” holidays. Girls with this name can receive congratulations not once, but as many as six times a year. Why is it like this and when is Christina's birthday party celebrating? Let's find out right now.

Christina's name day

What is she, Christina?

Before you go on the name to Christine, it is worth a little to study the "subject" of congratulations. This will help to surprise such a wonderful girl. Having studied all the subtleties of the name, you will be able to please its owner with a pleasant and original gift.

The name Christina came to us from ancient Greece.In the language of the Greeks, it meant "Christ" or "dedicated to Christ." From the earliest years are considered one of the brightest qualities of this girl:

  • kindness;
  • dexterity;
  • vulnerability;
  • talent;
  • slow pace;
  • the desire to achieve the goal.

From the very young age, Christina is very sensitive to issues of kindness and tenderness. She suffers greatly when they scream and quarrel around her, trying to reconcile everyone.

Most often Christina is very talented. A girl with the same name necessarily has any creative beginning: she sings, writes poetry, dances, draws and so on. She does not necessarily realize her skills in the professional field. But creativity allows Christine to throw out her feelings and emotions.

With age, a girl with that name more and more realizes that the world is a rather cruel thing. Therefore, many adults Christina grow up closed. They create their own narrow “chamber” world, where not everyone is allowed to go. It is there that love, mutual respect and unlimited kindness reigns.

Name day at Christina's church calendar is celebrated several times a year. This is due to the fact that there are at least six women martyrs who sacrificed themselves for the sake of faith.For this they are still revered by the church.

Cristina Angel Day

February 19 and March 26

Christina of Caesarea is revered by the church on February 19th. This is the first day of the angel Christina from the beginning of the year. It was then that the church honors the martyr Christina, who lived in Caesarea (Cappadocia), in the third century. This period was famous for its brutal persecution of Christianity. Even for one suspicion or attributing oneself to this belief, it was possible to lose not only property, but also the head. Many people faintly denied for fear of being executed. Others, despite all the persecutions, bravely endured all the mockeries, and even bravely took death for their faith. That was Christina of Caesarea. She and her sister were suspected of belonging to the Christian church, they were grabbed and mocked to make her return to paganism. But the girls flatly refused to do it. Then they were tied back to back, put in a tarred barrel and burned alive. But even when dying, the martyrs did not renounce the accepted faith.

Christina of Persia.The next time Christina's birthday is celebrated in the spring, March 26th. This time the story sends us tocentury, in Persia.The pagans of that time there fiercely opposed Christianity. This was due to the fact that in the Roman Empire at that time Christianity was already officially recognized and was considered the state religion. Persia, which always perceived Byzantium as an ideological and political opponent, recognized Christians as traitors, spies, and simply unreliable people. A huge number of people were persecuted on religious (with political overtones) grounds. Christina, later recognized as a saint, refused to give up her faith and died, whipped to death.

May 31 and June 13

Here we see another Christian martyr, Christina Lampsacki. She became a resident of the Lampsaki Hellespont, who was executed by decapitation for refusing to turn away from her religion. It is not known for certain, but most likely the girl was a Roman woman, since other types of executions were considered “unclean” and were not applied to Roman citizens. The name day of Christina, named in memory of this great martyr, is celebrated on a warm spring day on May 31.

name day of Christina in the church calendar

Christina Nicomedia. "Summer" Christina celebrates the day of the name June 13th.Despite the well-known date and information that this girl was a resident of the city of Nicomedia, the rest of the data here are rather vague. It is only known that Christina Nicomedia also suffered for her faith in Christ and died for not wanting to deny God when they demanded it. She chose to die, but to remain a Christian.

August 6 and August 18

In early August, the birthday of Christ in memory of Tirsk is celebrated. This girl did not just die for the faith, but accomplished a real feat in those times. According to the surviving information, she came from a very noble family and was born to the ruler of Tire. By the will of her parents, she was assigned a very responsible and honorable mission. She was supposed to be a pagan priestess. But, believing in Christ, the girl refused to follow the parental will and adopted Christianity. However the angry father tried to dissuade his daughter, nothing worked. Desperate to work on the disobedient child by beatings and persuasion, her father put her on trial. There the beatings and bullying continued, but the girl endured all the sufferings with endurance. As a result, for refusing to backtrack on her decision, Christina was hacked to death with a sword. Now, on August 6 of each year, the Christian world remembers her as a martyr who suffered for her faith.

Christina's birthday cards

In mid-August, the church remembers another martyr named Christina. Unfortunately, in addition to the fact that she also innocently suffered for her beliefs, little is known about her. Her memorial day falls on August 18th.

What to give on the day of the angel

Of course, such a huge number of birthday and memorable dates does not mean that you can celebrate the day of the angel almost every month. If you know for sure that your parents called you not in memory of a particular saint, but in honor of, for example, your beloved grandmother, then you can choose your guardian angel yourself. To do this, open the church calendar and select the one of your namesake, whose memorial day is closest to the date of your birth. She will become your guardian angel. It is to her that you will send your prayers for intercession.

If you are invited to an angel's day celebration, you should buy a small gift. On a spiritual holiday, you should not give any values. Things that are directly related to a name or faith are best for a gift.

Small vignettes or stylized pictures will look beautiful as a presentation.Postcards with Kristine's birthday can be purchased at the store for creative goods. But it is best to make such a gift yourself. If there is no creative talent, beautiful candles, a book, a small icon depicting a saint, are appropriate.

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