When is it better to go to Turkey on the sea with children?

Each person has a time when it is worth thinking about rest. It remains only to decide where to go, in favor of which country to make a choice, so that this part of the life’s journey remains in the memory. If you are interested in Turkey, then you will not have to regret the time spent. This mysterious country is able to give a huge amount of positive emotions.

Advantages of the holiday season in Turkey

when is it better to go to Turkey

Turkey has a large number of historical monuments. The beach season is the most inexpensive, but worthy. It remains only to understand when it is best to go to this country to rest.

Resorts in Turkey are very popular among tourists. This is primarily due to the affordability of prices, amazing weather and great beaches. People are attracted to nature, quality service. In addition, there is no need for a visa. It is known that the country occupied most of the peninsula of Asia Minor.Accordingly, Turkey includes a variety of resort areas. We are talking about the coasts of the Black, Mediterranean, Marmara and Aegean seas. And regardless of the fact that the zones differ from each other in climatic conditions, there are still similar features.

The beginning of the high season in the country

When is it better to go to Turkey? If we summarize all the available resort areas, the tourist season in the country begins in April and ends in October. Officially, it lasts from mid-May, ending in September. However, hotels open earlier, ending their work with later official dates.

When is it better to go to Turkey? During the summer months (July and August) the high season falls. At this time, tourists from many countries strive to get here. And it is precisely in these months that the heat stands. The air temperature is able to reach 40 degrees. What else can you say about this season? It has high prices. But this does not stop tourists. In summer there are quite a lot of travelers.

Low season is also attractive for holidaymakers.

If you look at the official dates, the season in Turkey starts from mid-May and lasts until mid-September. This means that it is during this period that all hotels, swimming pools, restaurants, and animation work.In other months, not all of the above organizations are functioning. And if they work, it is far from all its might.

Turkey when it is better to go to rest

If you are trying to figure out when it is better to go to Turkey, then you need to know about the low season. It begins in mid-October and lasts until mid-April. At this time it can rain in the country. And the weather can not be called hot. However, there are always willing to come to Turkey at this time. The best months of the low season are March and April. At this time, quite warm. October and November may also be attractive, as in good weather you can even swim.

Different opening times of the swimming season

When is it better to go to Turkey? In this country, four seas - Marmara, Black, Mediterranean, Aegean. The bathing period therefore does not begin in all areas at the same time. Usually by June the water temperature reaches 24 degrees. It should also be noted that the swimming season in the Marmara and Black Seas begins several weeks later than in the southern regions of the country. Everything else, he ends earlier.

Tourists visit the resorts of Turkey and the May holidays.At this time, they do not even refuse to swim. However, it should be noted that during this period the water is not warm enough. Therefore, it may not be very comfortable. It should also highlight the presence of the highest humidity on the Black Sea coast. For example, on the Aegean Sea is not so hot in the summer months compared to the Mediterranean. From September begins the velvet season. It usually ends in late October.

Velvet season in Turkey

when is it better to go to Turkey with a child

Turkey was chosen as a resort. When is it better to go to rest? Autumn in the country is a great time to relax by the sea. Prices begin to decline from the first autumn days. The weather becomes more pleasant, as the summer heat disappears. The sea is not so warm and is able to refresh nicely. The weather can be beautiful throughout October. But you need to prepare yourself for the surprises that the weather is capable of. The velvet season is good with plenty of fruit. Tourists will also have the opportunity to admire the sights of the country. And there are a lot of them.

What events can you attend?

Not only resort life is popular Turkey. When is it better to go to rest? Regardless of the fact that tourists are most often interested only in hotel stars and the proximity of beaches, there is also cultural life in the country.The most popular holiday is the month of Ramadan. At this time it is accepted to fast. The date of the holiday is regularly shifted and almost always falls on the summer or autumn months. Following Ramadan, Kurban Bayram follows.

Among the cultural events, the International Film Festival, usually accounted for April, is very popular in Istanbul. In May, you can visit the Festival of Theater, and in June-July - music. In other cities too many various events are held.

The folk festivals that are very popular include camel battles taking place in Selcuk. No less famous are the national wrestling competitions, the bullfights, the festival of archers and dervishes. There are various fairs in the country. This should be known if you want to figure out when it is better to go to Turkey for a vacation.

You can master the ski slopes

when is it better to go to Turkey to rest

Turkey is famous not only for beach holidays. This country is mountainous. And here there are about 16 places, having visited which, you can do a ski sport. Among the most popular resorts should be distinguished Palandoken.In this place there are a large number of very different routes, differing from each other in the level of complexity. Here is the longest descent in Europe. In addition, there are resorts in the country called Uludag, Sarykamysh and Davras. It should be noted that ski resorts in Turkey are not the same budget compared to the beach. However, prices correspond to the level of other European countries.

Time to visit the country

When is it better to go to Turkey to the sea? The climate of this country is diverse. You can count about 5 climatic zones. For this reason, tourists in any season can get the opportunity to choose a particular holiday or tourist program. For travel to Istanbul, it is better to choose spring or autumn. If you want to visit a ski resort, then you should go to Turkey in winter. The beach season is available from April to October. It should be understood that the water in the Mediterranean is able to heat up much faster. Accordingly, it will cool longer. In the Aegean Sea in the hot summer months, tourists will be more comfortable. The Black Sea coast is characterized by high humidity. Generally speaking, the climatic conditions of this country have a beneficial effect on health.There are both mountain air and clean beaches that have been awarded Blue Flags.

Benefits of holidays with children

Turkey when it is better to go to rest with a child

Turkey is an ideal country where you can relax with children. This state has created excellent conditions for children, regardless of their age. When is it better to go to Turkey with a child? It is necessary to begin to describe all the advantages and nuances that need to be taken into account when traveling.

What are the advantages that make traveling with children in the country one of the best?

  1. The absence of a visa. Due to this, you can save time and money. On top of that, this is a wonderful way out for those who are not traveling with children to visa countries.
  2. Wonderful climate, beautiful nature, good beaches.
  3. A large number of various excursions and entertainment for children and adults.
  4. Good food, which includes juices with ice cream for a child. Some hotels have a children's menu.
  5. A fairly high level of service, excellent infrastructure for children's activities. There are playgrounds, mini clubs, children's animation and a variety of water parks, some of which are located on the territory of hotels.
  6. Turkey hotels have their own comfortable beaches with free sunbeds and umbrellas.
  7. In Turkey, the rest is focused primarily on the Russians. There are even Russian hotels. And the staff owns a good "great and mighty." Good hotels have their own security service.
  8. In Turkey, friendly towards children. The child can be left in the mini-club or with a nanny. In any situation, he will be surrounded by attention and care.
  9. In Turkey, a very large selection of hotels. Major tour operators are able to offer a tour of almost any length. And the flight can be carried out from any region of Russia.

The best time to relax with children

So, Turkey: when is it better to go to rest with a child? With school children on the sea in the country is best to go on a summer vacation. The ideal month is June. This is due to the fact that in July and August is too hot and crowded. You should also pay attention to the end of May or August.

when is it better to go to Turkey to the sea

When is it better to go to Turkey with a small child? In this situation, it is best to visit the country in September. At this time, the velvet season begins. The weather pleases the gentle sun. The Mediterranean Sea is warm enough.All this can provide maximum comfort during rest.

When is it better to go to Turkey with children? It should be understood that in winter the country will be very welcome on its territory of young tourists. During the winter holidays as an excellent option for a family holiday can make ski resorts, which have all the conditions for children. There are also simple trails.

How to save on a trip?

The cheapest period in Turkey is when it rains. True, at this time almost all hotels are closed. Do not work, and many restaurants, cafes. For this reason, the holiday can not be called fun enough. However, if you prefer an excursion program to a beach holiday, then you can visit the country at this time.

When is it better to go to Turkey for holidays with children? Prices are relatively low at the beginning or at the end of the holiday season. They have not had time to take off or have already dropped. Moreover, the country is warm enough at this time.

Another way to save money is to buy a burning voucher. If you are able to gather in one day, it will not be difficult for you to urgently fly to rest.In such a situation, it is preferable to get a last minute ticket. This is a great chance for a luxury holiday for a relatively small amount of money even in the most active period of the holiday season. On average, per person will have to pay at least $ 150.


when is it better to go to Turkey for holidays with children

In this review, the periods when you can visit Turkey were considered. You’ll have to choose a certain month for the rest, guided by your tastes, preferences and other reasons. We wish you a successful holiday in Turkey!

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