What to see in Pattaya?

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What to see in Pattaya?

Pattaya is one of the most popular resort cities in the south-east of Thailand. Pattaya is an opportunity not only to soak up the warm sun and enjoy the wonderful beaches, but also to admire interesting sights, and also to witness unique performances with the participation of animals. This article will tell you how to spend time in Pattaya with benefits, what to do and what interesting to see.

Walking street

Walking street is considered by many to be the main attraction of Pattaya. StreetPattayalocated in the central part of the city, there are countless bars, restaurants, as well as the most interesting night market. In addition, there are hundreds of people, neon lights everywhere and a lot of fancy painted characters. In general, an excellent place for those who came to Pattaya to break away, however, this city is considered the most rave resort of the country, so to break away is the goal of the majority.

Temple of Truth

But the temple of Truth is the direct opposite of Walking street - a wooden temple with a height of 105 meters, built without a single nail.The amazing patterned carving inside and outside the temple is amazing, you can look at the patterns indefinitely, sincerely marveling at the talent of the Thai masters.

Khao Phra Tam Nak Hill

PattayaThis is a great place that gives you a chance.to see the whole city from above, the bestPattaya panoramic pictures are made on this hill. It is recommended to climb the hill at sunset time - the lights of the evening city and the rays of the setting sun make up an amazingly pacifying picture.

Buddha hill

At the top of this hill is the largest statue of Buddha, and next to it is a sacred place dedicated to Confucius and Lao Tzu. Gold and red dragons, beautiful stairs, bells, a wonderful park ... well, an excellent and picturesque place.

Elephant Village

PattayaNot far from the central part of Pattaya is an elephant farm, which is worth a visit for all animal lovers. Here you can see how elephants live, how they are fed, bathed and trained. In addition, you can ride an elephant and witness a unique show.

Snake farm and crocodile farm

PattayaThis is fun for fearless people. This tour is often offered by travel companies, but you can go on it yourself, it will turn out many times cheaper.On both farms, of course, you can see the show with their inhabitants. In addition, on the snake farm, you can visit the pharmacy, which medicines are prepared using snake venom, and on the crocodile farm you can taste dishes from crocodile meat, as well as drink ... real crocodile blood!

Underwater World Aquarium

In Pattaya, there is an excellent aquarium, demonstrating the incredible diversity of flora and fauna of the underwater world. The aquarium consists of four tunnels, eachPattayaIt has its own theme, in the first one you can see rare fish of incredible colors, in the second there are powerful predators - sharks and stingrays, the third zone is devoted to marine life, which were caught by the first settlers of Thailand, and the fourth - to exotic Amazonian fish.

In general, Pattaya is an amazing city that can give a truly diverse and interesting holiday.

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