What to read to the girl at leisure

Today, in many forums, especially women's forums,it is often possible to meet topics with the question: "What is now fashionable to read?". Honestly, the question is a little strange, it is unequivocally difficult to answer it. The first thing that comes to mind with the phrase "fiction" is Haruki Murakami, Paulo Coelho and Oksana Robski. Why? Probably, because in the works of the first two authors a certain philosophy of life is laid down, and the novels of Robsky give fashionable glamor nowadays. And what to read to the girl still, how not a life-affirming story about a prostitute who once found her female happiness (P. Coelho "11 minutes"), or a philosophical mysterious novel about how the soul of a sheep moves into the bodies of people (H. Murakami "Hunting for sheep ")?

what to read to the girlOf course, the works of these authors arebestsellers, and any girl who considers herself to be fashionable simply has to flash erudition, calling among other favorite writers (if any) and the above.

But is it really important, is it really fashionable that you are reading or not fashionable?

Is it not more important how much the workDo you like it personally? However, if you created the topic "Advise reading a book" on the forum, then, perhaps, you really wanted to read something that does not fit into the generally accepted glamor framework.

Advise to read a book

If you do not neglect the classics and want toto get genuine emotions from the book, we recommend you to choose the novel "Walking" by the outstanding Ukrainian writer Panas Mirny. Are you surprised? If you want, you can contrast it with the novel "11 Minutes", because it also tells about the fate of a girl who became a prostitute. However, this work is more tragic. It's a great option to read a girl who is very sensitive and wants to cry over a book and realize that everything in her life is not so bad.

You can also sob beautifully over Tatyana's bookde Rosnay "The key of Sarah." Perhaps many have already read it. If not, take a note. Moreover, according to this book, in 2010 the film "Her name is Sarah" was shot, with Christine Scott Thomas in the lead role. In the plot of the work there are two temporary layers: the events of 1942, seen through the eyes of a small Jewish girl Sarah, and the events of today, in which a journalist collecting material for her article unexpectedly begins to figure out the fate of this child. It is worth noting that the events of 1942, described in the book, took place in reality.

what is fashionable to read nowAnd what to read to a girl who loves mysticism?Perhaps, she will be interested in the work of Chuck Palahnik (by the way, a very fashionable author) "Lullaby". What is it about? Probably the most ideal way of killing is killing words and even thinking. And what is needed for this? Just say aloud (or mentally) a little childish rhyme. But is this a rhyme in fact?

So what to read to the girl, reallyinterested in quality literature? It is possible much that. And it does not matter if this book is fashionable or not. The main thing is what emotions it causes and what it teaches. Moreover, do not forget that there is such a thing as a "PR", thanks to which even the most talentless story can become a masterpiece of modern literature, and the author's stupid and incoherent thoughts are a new glamorous philosophy.

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