What to give the elderly?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
February 25, 2015
What to give the elderly?

Do you want to please your grandmother or beloved grandfather with a gift, but you just don’t know what to give them? Choose a good gift for an elderly person is not easy. You, probably, sometime already asked a question to the grandmother or grandfather that they would like to receive as a gift. Very often, older people respond to something like this: “Now I don’t need anything, I already have everything, do not waste, granddaughter, (or granddaughter) money on me.” But indeed, most old people do not need fashionable shoes and jackets, and they have already acquired sets, tablecloths, frying pans, pots and other household utensils. What, in this case, to give them, what can they please?

What can be presented to the elderly: options

Warm clothes

Many older people are constantly chilly, and it is cold even in summer. Therefore, beautiful short felt boots, in which you can pace around the house without fear of drafts and dampness, slippers or short homemade boots made of sheepskin, will be a great gift for your grandparents.In addition to warm home shoes, an elderly person can be presented with a cozy woolen blanket, hand-knitted down socks or a fur sleeveless socks. As a gift to the grandmother you can still buy a fluffy woolen shawl.

Useful gifts

You have probably seen old men many times sitting on a park bench listening to the radio. Present your grandfather with a portable radio, with which he will walk in the fresh air. If your grandfather is a fisherman, buy him a good fishing rod as a gift. Chess, a lotto or a box with dominoes can also be a great gift for him. Grandmother can give a box for storing handicrafts or an e-book with a set of love stories.

Older people for some reason often look at the clock. If your grandmother or grandfather is constantly interested in what time it is today, buy them a beautiful wall clock with weights and a cuckoo as a gift. In addition to the above, a grandmother or grandfather can be presented with a simple mobile phone suitable for the elderly, an electric blanket or a massager, a small kitchen TV, or a home cordless phone.


Almost all old people love sweets very much, so a good box of good chocolates (soft stuffed without roasted nuts or nuts), a set of cookies in a beautiful tin or honey in a clay pot or wooden barrel can be a good gift for an elderly person. In addition to sweets, you can give a large selection of different varieties of tea or a can of good coffee.

If a grandfather or grandmother lives on a small pension, they will certainly be pleased with the basket given to them, filled with various goodies: sausage, cheese, good canned fish, sweets and citrus.

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