What to do if banned?

Often in life there are things to which we have nothing to do or have committed through inexperience, carelessness. The consequences of these actions are unpredictable, and if this relates to networks, then basically this is the so-called ban. A person who has not encountered such a problem in the past usually starts writing to administrators or just people and waits, waits and waits. But usually nothing happens, and then he begins to slowly look for a way out of this situation. He is looking for answers to this question in the search databases, in other words, decides what to do if he is banned and rereads a huge pile of information. But this was done before you and you can simply use the already collected and specific information in full.

Banned: solve the problem

Banned ip, what to do? First of all, you need to find and download the Proxy Switcher Pro program and then launch it. In the settings wizard that opens, we close all the settings and through the top HELP tab, register the program by entering its network name (nickname), the password that is on the root path (file sharing).Then we restart the program and, after downloading it, open the wizard, click Next, and then wait for the Finish to appear. Now everything will be fine with you and it gives you access to enter where you want. It will allow you to download what you need, log in and do other actions.

You may be faced with a problem when the program has not found more than one Russian proxy. There is nothing wrong with that, you just need to add them yourself. Find a proxy and add it to the program. You can do it this way: go to an empty tab (any), click the plus (red color above) and in the appeared window enter the proxy address you selected. The main thing to know that in the first tab should be the value before the colon, and in the second - after the colon. Example: 456.123.134.43:50 - 1 tab 456.123.134.43, and the 2nd 50. Click OK and connect. You can connect through other programs, a lot of them.

The headache of many parents is the great desire of their children to spend their time at the computer, rather than walking on the street. But sitting at computers and children have problems, especially during games.

Banned in the COP what to do? Disorders, storm of negative emotions. Do not immediately panic. First of all, you need to understand the reason why you were banned:

  1. If because of cheats - then it is already final;
  2. If by ip (dynamic) you just have to restart the Internet, change the ip address via a proxy server or Hide IP Platinum program;
  3. If by nick (name in the game) - then it must be changed;
  4. Or simply contact the operator and very politely ask you to unban;
  5. You can change the address of the network card, or rearrange the network wire to another network card;
  6. Download Hamachi (any VPN) - works for any games.

Banned on the server, what to do?

  1. One of the options, if banned for a certain period, is just to wait and wait for some time on another server.
  2. Another is to contact the administration of the server and find out the reason. If it is your fault, bring a big apology and politely ask you to unban.
  3. And the third option is to ask the provider to change your ip address.

These are the main ways to fight if you are banned. But everything is moving forward and ways of dealing with this problem are increasing and increasing.

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