What to do if you have a headache and feel sick?

We all have been feeling unwell when some kind of heaviness presses on the temples, hits the back of the head, hurts and hurts the eyes, and in the stomach it’s like a lump. Some blame the weather for poor health (low or high atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms), some are nervous stress. But few know what a condition is when a headache and nausea can be a harbinger of more serious ailments. Consider the causes of these symptoms. It is important in this case to understand which of the two indicators dominates and which one is derived. For example, in cases of poisoning, other than vomiting, dizziness, sudden drops in blood pressure are observed, and in migraine, there is an upset of the gastrointestinal tract.

Headache and nausea

Weather effect

Very often, patients complain to doctors that they have a headache, nausea and even vomiting. If the doctor advises just to take an anesthetic pill, this is not a very good specialist. Of course, poor health temporarily retreat, but the disease - if it nests in your body - is not going anywhere. Indeed, sometimes the cause of such sensations in weather conditions.People with narrow blood vessels are particularly sensitive to change. Hypotonics and hypertensive patients suffer from pressure surges. Migraine (with this disease hurts only the left or right half of the head) is accompanied by nausea and can even cause vomiting.

Viral infection or injury

If you feel sick and headachein children, it may be a precursor of acute respiratory infections or viral infections (influenza, meningitis and other dangerous diseases). It is necessary to ask the child whether he has not fallen recently, has not hit his head, because such a condition is a typical picture of a concussion. If it turns out that such an incident took place, you should immediately put the child to bed and call the doctor.

Headache hurts


Consider further the causes of which are headache and sick. Such sensations are not uncommon in the morning after a party with lots of alcohol and food. Helps cucumber pickle and diet. Also, similar symptoms may occur if you are in a stuffy room for a long time, especially if you are still in it. If you are taking any medications, carefully read the instructions: perhaps in the section "Side Effects" will be indicated gastric disorders and migraines.Often, women taking oral contraceptives experience these discomfort. You may have individual intolerance to certain components of the drug.


What does a good doctor do if a patient complains that he has a headache and is sick? Of course, prescribes a broad medical examination. This concept includes both abdominal palpation and a blood test, as well as a more specific examination of the body — a chest x-ray (for suspected cervical-brachial spine and lung cancer), computed tomography (to detect possible tumors in the brain), x-rays sinuses of forehead and nose (for sinus), etc.

How to remove the pain?

HeadacheAs you can see, if you have a headache and feel sick, it is not enough just to take analgesics or citramon. These symptoms are only the manifestation of the “tip of the iceberg.” So your body signals that something is wrong with it. Mute acute, unbearable pain can be, but you also need to think about how to remove its cause, to eliminate the disease, and not its visible manifestations. A specialist, having conducted a comprehensive diagnosis, will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct treatment.Especially urgent need to contact your doctor if you experience these symptoms often, or they are accompanied by high fever.

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