What is a field? Meaning, Origin, Synonyms and Interpretation

There are words (mostly books) that cannot be understood at once. And a person who has never encountered them needs help. Therefore, the question of what the field is, is legitimate. Not every day you hear a word in everyday speech. This and devote an article.


Unlike foreign words that came to us from English-speaking countries or France, the current object of study is entirely rooted in our, native soil. History always helps to better understand nouns, adjectives and adverbs. Therefore, consider the origin to be in a historical context.

In the etymological dictionary it is written that the word comes from Old Slavic. There were such verbs in it: “trample” and “shove”, that is, “trample”. Then a suffix was added to the stem, and a noun appeared. And it means the following: “The road, the place that is trampled underfoot; what they follow. ”

That is, the place that we actively or not trample during our life is our career. Before us there was a weed, and here we came and made order out of this chaos. That's what a field is.


Scientists at work

If the word is a book vocabulary, then we can not do without books. We put aside the etymological dictionary and took the explanatory. The historical meaning of the word "field" is good, but we are modern people, so you need to be in the context of the current linguistic realities. So, the meaning of the noun is the following: "Area of ​​activity".

Slightly bureaucratic definition, but nothing can be done, because the dictionary is a serious book and does not allow itself a joke, therefore, examples of use will be superfluous.

As a rule, the word is used in different contexts. What is a field? This is the job or activity that a person prefers or is forced to devote himself. Someone is engaged in science, someone is art, and someone is repairing machines, and all this is a field.

Of course, it seems to us that if the word is of high vocabulary, then the work should be sublime, but such a conclusion is wrong. However, sometimes it happens that people talk about working in an ironic manner.Is the question of what the field involves humor? Let's look at examples.

Sentences with the word

cartoon character works at the computer

Humor in this sense occurs when high and low are mixed. For example, when we are talking about the field mechanic about the field, then there is nothing funny, because car repair is a great job, honest and profitable. It is necessary to further reduce and attach the noun to the robber of banks. And the proposal will be as follows:

  • “Eh, Arkady, when will you do business, how much can you rob banks? No, of course you don't want to listen. Well, it remains only to wish you good luck in this field, look, so as not to be caught. ”

Another option is possible when we mix not high (word of book vocabulary) and low (unseemly or immoral acts), but serious and frivolous. For example, a child draws kalyaki-malaki on a sheet and shows them to their parents, while they admire. Then he leaves, and the father says to the mother: “Well, the wife can only wish our daughter success in this field, and there, perhaps, the artist will grow.”

Yes, examples, illustrations came out a little rough, but do not forget that humor requires anesthesia of the heart, so said Henri Bergson, the French philosopher.


Golden field and dark blue sky

Every time we are interested in the same parameters.Substitutions for the word are almost always needed, because a person falls into different contexts, companies may be able to explain the meaning and meaning of the “career” to children. In any case, we need those language units that without hesitation will substitute the shoulder to our object of study. So, here is the list:

  • Niva;
  • sphere;
  • arena;
  • field;
  • fate.

The concept that we understand is complex, so there are not very many replacements. The reader may be confused by the last position in the list, but here you need to discard doubts. It is the main activity that creates human destiny. If a person has no definite occupation, then his self-determination suffers, who is he at all? Unknown. Therefore, an equal sign can be put between the meaning of the noun “fate” and synonyms of the “field”.

To understand what a person wants to do and in what area are different and equally difficult tasks.

The girl spread her arms to the side and enjoys success

The buzzword now is - "self-realization." No one really understands what it is, but it sounds beautiful. And the concept is simple and comes down to the banal pleasure from labor. A person has found a place in life and also gets pleasure from work. But it is not so easy.To reduce the suffering associated with homelessness, you need to try various jobs as early as possible. Of course, a vocation is often found by chance, but the more options for various fields you try, the higher the chances of success. Do not wait for divine insight, it will not. Only practice will answer and solve the problems voiced in the subtitle. In fact, such a search is not so much scary as it is interesting. Looking for yourself is exciting, but finding yourself is a blessing. The main thing - to reject doubt. Life has no finished script. Everything is written and solved here and now.

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