What is the best phone for Selfie?

The concept of "self-portrait" is known not the firstdecade. However, popularity of this type of images acquired only in recent years. The development of technology has made the self available to any mobile owner. Although not every phone will cope with this difficult task.

What is Selfie?

Phone for Selfie

A photo of yourself is considered a self-portrait. In view of the unattractiveness of the word, he was replaced by Selfie, which translates as "self". The first mention of such a picture appeared only in 2010 and quickly took root around the world.

A photograph taken on an outstretched hand or inmirror, is considered selfie. This method produced a real boom, and on the wave of popularity was created many attributes for lovers of self-portraits. An interesting invention was a special stick, allowing more people to get into the frame. The lovers of Selfie also got the Instagram resource, intended for self-portraits.

Select a device

Most people prefer to usephone for selfie. The mobile phone is always at hand and is capable of making good pictures. Although not every smartphone can cope with the task.

Accent in the device should go to the camera, andon both. The quality of the self depends on the matrix of the apparatus and its resolution. Also, the phone must have an autofocus, the presence of such a function is desirable at the front. Finding a great phone for selfi is not easy. The buyer will have to carefully study the many models of different firms.

Main camera

When choosing a phone for selfi, you should payattention not only to the front. Rear camera is also important when taking self-portraits. For selfi, you can use a mirror surface, which means the frontal can not help here. The picture taken with the main camera will be much better. With a photo in the mirror, even a budget device will show good results.

The main camera is useful when shooting onoutstretched arm. Of course, this method is not the best, but if there is an ordinary "peephole" in place of the frontal, this is an excellent solution. Having a good autofocus in the phone, the user will be able to achieve good results.


The best phones for selfi are balancedapparatuses. A vivid example was created for self-portraits Desire Eye Red from the famous brand HTC. The phone received 13-megapixel matrix for both cameras. Additional functions also did not fail. Rear and front cameras have autofocus, except for that near each "eye" there is a flash.

If frontalka slightly inferior to the rearfellow number of megapixels, problems should not arise. Naturally, the "eyes" 0.3, 1.3 and even 2 Mp are unsuitable for a good self-portrait. The best phones for selfies start from 5 megapixels of the front camera and 8 MP back.

Samsung smartphones

Selfi phone Samsung

Any manufacturer can offer in hisline phone for selfie. First and foremost, it should be noted the device "Samsung". The company has always stood out with excellent cameras, and most fans of self-portraits prefer this company.

The manufacturer has released many devices,suitable for selfies. The phone "Samsung S6" from the Galaxy series is one of the brightest examples. The company's main camera was equipped with a matrix of 16 megapixels, and a front-panel camera with 5 megapixels. Features are perfect for selfie.

Almost all Galaxy devices are suitable forself-portraits. The company has installed a five-megapixel front-end in most of its phones. Of course, there are exceptions in the form of the J1 model, in which only 2 Mp. However, fans of SELFI will have plenty to choose from.

Phones Lenovo

Lenovo Selfi phone

Became a popular Chinese manufacturer alsopaid attention to the functions of the camera. The presence of excellent matrices allows you to make fans of products "Lenovo" SELFI. The company's phone is almost inferior to the Korean competitor. The manufacturer pleases a rather large assortment of smartphones with excellent cameras.

Some of the best photo equipment arerepresentatives of the S-series, namely the model 60 and 90. These phones similar to the last iPhone received an 8- and 5-megapixel front. The rear camera is also full of advantages. For both devices, the main matrix has a resolution of 13 Mp.

It's difficult to bypass the Vibi X3, the ownerthe main camera is 21 megapixels. Matrix fronkalki this miracle has a resolution of 8 megapixel, which is also very nice for photo enthusiasts. A little behind his advanced fellow Vibi Shot. The manufacturer equipped the main camera of the smartphone with 16 megapixels, and in addition got a matrix of 8 megapixels.

In the cheaper segment, there are also suitablefor selfi model. A representative of the budget class A, or rather model 7000, has five megapixels of the front and the main camera of 8 megapixels. Also, those wishing to make self-portraits will have to taste P70. The approximate cost of these models fluctuates around 12 thousand rubles. However, they definitely have their money.

Smartphones Sony

Best phones for Selfie

The Japanese manufacturer did not lag behind the competition. Sony equips their cameras with some of the best cameras. Compete with the company can only be "Samsung". Cameras on Sony devices are designed for shooting self-portraits.

Among the products of the company you can find realpearls. For example, Xperia M5 got a matrix of 21.5 megapixels. In addition, the model received a front-end on the whole 13 Mp, perfectly suitable for selfi. A more balanced and cheap option will be the Xperia C5, which has 13 megapixel as the main and rear camera.

Studying the range of Sony, it's hard to make a decision,which phone to select. Attention is drawn to expensive models Z5, medium in price Z3 and, of course, loved by many M4 Aqua. Each of the phones received a powerful and functional camera. The heavy burden of choosing a device intended for selfies will fall on the shoulders of the buyer and will certainly not be the easiest.

HTC Phones

Which phone is suitable for selfies

Less extensive, but quite interestinga range of devices for selfi offers a Taiwanese manufacturer. Although HTC does not focus on cameras, it can attract some photo enthusiasts with some models.

The buyer should pay attention to smartphoneswith the prefix One, namely on M9 and M8S. The eighth model of the series has acquired cameras in 13 and 5 megapixels. The characteristics, unfortunately, are inferior to Sony's products, but with self-portraits will cope with a bang. The One M9 looks a little more attractive. The flagship got at his disposal 20 and 4 megapixels. Frontalka slightly let down, but it still looks decent.

Among cheaper devices it is difficult to determine,which phone is best for selfie. "Budget" and part of the middle class can not surprise with their parameters. The same Desire 516 received only 5 and 2 Mp. Similar cameras are on most HTC models. Such a matrix will be enough for a low-quality photo. For bright and memorable selfies, better characteristics are needed.

Interesting finds

What is the phone for Selfie?

With self-portraits will cope not only eminentbrands. The companies that have lost their positions, or Chinese manufacturers, too, can surprise. Paying attention to the search, the buyer can stumble upon a curious device F5 from Doogee. The phone will surprise not only the democratic price, but also the presence of cameras with 13 and 5 megapixels.

Among LG's line-up there are also devices,suitable for selfies. Model Ray X190 will please the buyer with excellent characteristics. From the manufacturer, the phone received as much as 13 Mp of main and 8 Mp of additional camera.

You should not ignore the eminent "Chinese". Paying attention to Huawei, the buyer must stumble on the model Ascend P7. The phone has 13 and 8 Mp, which is very good.

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