What is an article?

February 27, 2015
What is an article?

The concept of "article" originally meant "charter", "paragraph", "article". The word itself has Latin roots.

  • Famous "Military Article" - part of the military Charter of Peter the Great, a set of laws on punishment and crimes in the army, adopted in 1715.

Interestingly, in tsarist Russia, the word article meant not only an article, a section, a paragraph of the statute, but also methods of handling a weapon (gun). For example, “throwing an article” meant - to execute rifle techniques, a snap.

Currently, the word article is used to determine the type, type of product, its personification, digital and / or letter designation of the product, its original and unique code. This code is used to account for the goods, the organization of the trading process. It encrypts information about all the basic parameters of the goods being sold: origin, brand, size, color, for example.

If it were not for the code, then there would be confusion in the sale, associated with a significantly expanded variety of goods, especially in recent decades.Moreover, even finding a product in a hypermarket, where millions of items of goods are sold, would not have been possible then.

In a religious context, in the traditions of Protestantism, the concept of “article” means a complete set of church dogmas, truths of faith, which are officially recognized and recommended for compulsory study by all believers, members of the church.

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