What is the 40th week of pregnancy?

40 weeks of pregnancy is considered the final stage of the formation of the fetus in the womb. However, according to the existing statistics, only 4% of all births occur exactly at this time, most often they occur several weeks later or, on the contrary, earlier. It is important to note that such deviations from the norm occur not because there is any danger or complication, but due to the fact that the time was originally incorrectly defined.

40 week of pregnancy40 week of pregnancy. Fetus

Already, the baby is ready to be born. Indeed, the main systems of internal organs by this period should already be fully formed and engage in work. Now the weight of the crumbs can reach about 3.5 kilograms, and its height exceeds 50 centimeters. Now the baby has taken its main position in the womb, from which it will be born (head down, legs bent at the knees and tightly pressed to the body).

40 week of pregnancy. Harbingers of childbirth

 40 weeks of pregnancy, uterus toneThe fact that the baby is about to take its first breath is reminiscent of peculiar signs. For example, some will tell the future mother that the covenant hour will come in a few days. This and intestinal upset, and frequent urination, and drastic changes in the emotional background. On the other hand, lowering the abdomen, which, in turn, is often accompanied by unpleasant discomfort in the sacrum, as well as periodic cramps in the groin area, says that the birth will come very soon. The outpouring of amniotic fluid and the subsequent discharge of the so-called mucus plug indicates that the baby will be born in just a couple of hours, and maybe earlier.

40 week of pregnancy. Feel

40 weeks gestation precursors of laborIt is noteworthy that the closer the term of childbirth, the less the future mom feels movement in her stomach. Indeed, if earlier the baby constantly made itself felt, now with each passing day it is becoming more and more difficult to toss and turn in the uterus. The size of the fetus, and a relatively small amount of amniotic fluid. Experts recommend to continue to listen to the jolts of the fetus for the 40th week of pregnancy.For example, if they are frequent, there is a high probability of hypoxia, which indicates a lack of oxygen to the fetus.


In the absence of obvious contraindications from a medical point of view, experts do not prohibit intimacy up to 40 weeks. In some cases, sex life is even recommended. The thing is that in this way a woman can really relax without worrying about the upcoming event. Moreover, it is believed that intimate affection contribute to a milder exit of the baby through the birth canal. The hormone called prostaglandin, which is abundant in male sperm, independently softens the cervix, and on the other hand, each orgasm stimulates the upcoming contractions. But not everything is so beautiful.

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