What is a pitchfork?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 16, 2015
What is a pitchfork?

Each professional field has its own tools. Similarly, in agricultural practice there is a list of devices with the help of which human labor is facilitated. In the article we will talk about what forks are and what they are for.

Pitchfork is an agricultural portable hand tool consisting of a handle and a metal device, which consists of several sharpened teeth fixed on the handle. The number of teeth can vary from 3 to 7 pieces.

Purpose fork

Thanks to such a device, you can prick and move various loose vegetative masses, for example, hay, mowed grass, fallen leaves, manure and others. Therefore, the main action that can be carried out with the help of the forks is impaling. And the purpose in this case is to load and unload the plant mass. In addition, with the help of the forks, it is possible to loosen hay to dry (popularly “wiggle”) and pierce the soil to enrich the tubers and roots with oxygen.Sometimes forks are used for digging up root crops, particularly potatoes, or simply for digging up the ground.

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