What is parchment?

Olga Kravchenko
Olga Kravchenko
February 2, 2015
What is parchment?

Everyone knows the expression "parchment paper." But what is parchment? Parchment is a type of writing material that existed long before the invention of paper. Another parchment called the text itself, written on such material.

Parchment got its name from the name of the city of Pergamum, where it was first made in the II century BC. er Since this time, parchment was actively used for writing, in the Middle Ages it received a special distribution. More durable and durable than papyrus, parchment could be folded in half, it was accessible to any cities, it could be written on both sides. Parchment replaced papyrus.

Parchment was made from leather of cattle or pigs. The skin was washed, cleaned and dried, stretching on a special frame. Then the skin was rubbed with chalk and leveled with pieces of pumice. The best varieties of parchment are often painted in different colors, preferring red. It was from parchment that the first books were made.Making books was expensive and required a large number of animal skins.

In addition to parchment, other types of parchment were used for writing, for example, parchment, which was stretched on the base of the drum or served as a loom for parts.

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