What is not given?

When choosing a gift for a loved one, remember that not all gifts are unequivocal: some, as you know, may have a certain symbolism. Therefore, we must remember that there are many superstitions in which certain things are attributed to a second, secret meaning.

What is not given because of superstition?


There are two explanations for this long-standing superstition. The first of them says: to get a handkerchief as a gift means to get along with it the tears that you will wipe with this handkerchief. According to the second explanation, handkerchiefs are ritual funeral objects, which the Slavs bestow on all people who came to the burial of the deceased.


According to ancient beliefs, pearls are petrified tears of nymphs and mermaids, so the donated pearls will bring grief and crying into the house.


According to one of the versions, the watch cannot be given because the person who received them as a gift will live as long as the watch will go. When the clock breaks, their owner will wither and soon die. Another explanation is not so gloomy: you can not give a watch to a loved one,because they start counting the time of your life together with him, and as soon as the hands of the clock stop spinning, you will part with it forever.

About superstitions and omens associated with the clock, previously described in our article Why you can not give a watch.


It is considered that the donated knife will surely cause scandals and quarrels between the donor and the presented. This baseless abuse will only intensify over time, and the thing will end when people who are close to it will finally and absolutely disagree with each other - as the magicians say, the knife blade will cut the thread that binds their hearts.

Here we should make a small digression and say that because clocks and knives are absolutely necessary and I would like to receive them as a gift, many people thought of ways to deceive fate and avoid possible negative consequences from their donation. The whole trick is that in response to such a gift, you must give the donor a copper coin. Thus, formally, a knife or clock can already be considered purchased, not donated, which means that nothing terrible will happen to their new owner.


The mirror is considered one of the most magical items. It is associated with a very large number of all sorts of signs and superstitions. Magicians and sorcerers claim that mirrors are capable of opening portals to the world of darkness. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are reluctant to accept as a gift a mirror, fearing the misfortunes and misfortunes that may come to their home from the other world, hiding behind the mirror surface. In more detail about why it is undesirable to give mirrors, it is told in our article Is it possible to give a mirror?

In addition to all the above items from superstitious considerations should not give:

  • brushes and combs - the recipient of the gift will know all your secrets;
  • gloves - a gift will lead to a break in relations;
  • slippers - a symbol of death;
  • bouquets of an even number of large flowers - for the same reason as slippers;
  • yellow flowers - why, read our article Why give yellow roses.

Choosing a gift, you should be guided not only by popular superstitions, but also by the rules of official gift etiquette, according to which you can not give some things too.

What is not given by the rules of gift etiquette?

  • You can not give very expensive or, conversely, too cheap gifts. Gifts of the first kind make a person feel obliged to the donor, especially if the donated person does not have the opportunity to make a similarly expensive gift in the future. Gifts of the second type simply offend people.
  • You can not give animals without first agreeing such a gift with the one to whom it is intended.
  • Do not give icons and other religious attributes (except in the case when you are invited to the christening).
  • Perfumery and decorative cosmetics are considered a bad gift for a woman, as it is difficult to guess the perfume fragrance or the tone of lipstick that a lady will surely like. To give creams, deodorants, shower gels, etc., cosmetics are generally unacceptable.
  • You should not give men "on duty" ties or socks.
  • Women are not allowed to give spirits and smoking accessories - cigarette cases, lighters, ashtrays (even if a woman smokes).
  • Men do not give sweets and cakes.
  • The general rule: do not give clothes, personal hygiene items, shoes and clothing. Gifts of this kind are permissible only from the closest, dear people.

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