What is my fare?

All mobile operators apply tariff systems, according to which subscribers pay for certain services. Information about the connected tariff plan can be found in several ways. It depends on the region in which these services are provided. In this article we will answer the question that you ask quite often, “What is my tariff on the phone?”


Megaphone has branches throughout the country.

  • If you are a subscriber of the Central Branch, you can find out your tariff plan in this way. It is necessary to type the combination * 105 * 2 * 0 # on the phone keypad. After that, press the call key.
  • If you are a user of the Ural branch of Megafon, then you will find out your tariff plan connected on your mobile phone as follows. You need to dial the combination * 225 # and after that the call button.
  • Megafon users in the Volga branch, to find out information about their tariff plan, should be so. It is necessary to dial a set of numbers and symbols * 160 # on the mobile phone keypad, then the call send button is pressed.
  • If you are serviced at the Siberian branch of Megaphone, then you can find out your tariff options. It is necessary to type the query * 105 * 1 * 3 #. After that the call is pressed.
  • Being a Megafon subscriber in the Caucasus branch, you should find out the tariff plan to which your mobile phone is connected in this way. You need to type a command on the keyboard * 105 * 1 * 1 #. After that - a challenge.
  • When you dial any combination of numbers and symbols, in order to find out your tariff plan, you need to make sure that the mobile phone is in the network coverage area.
  • There is another way to find out what Megafon tariff is. You can use the services of an Internet Assistant. First of all, you need to register in it. Then, in a ten-digit format, enter your phone number as a login, and the password received during activation. You get to the service management page. Here pay attention to the upper right corner or to the center. There will be information about the tariff plan of your mobile phone.
  • Megaphone support service can provide you with such information. Dial the number 0500, it is free. The operator will find out your passport data or code word and call the tariff plan to which your mobile phone is connected.


  • If you are a Beeline mobile user, you can find out which tariff is connected to your phone by dialing the following set of numbers and symbols, * 110 * 05 #. After that, the call button is pressed. In response, you will receive an SMS message with information about the tariff, region and date of connection.
  • You can find out which options are currently connected on your mobile phone, using the * 110 * 09 # combination.
  • There is another way to find out the Beeline tariff plan for your mobile phone. You need to dial the combination 0674, press the call button, then use the keyboard buttons to select the desired section. Their names are read by the answering machine. When he will talk about the tariff plan, choose the number that he will call. In response, you will receive an SMS message with information about the tariff plan that is connected to your phone.
  • The following method is a call to the call center of the mobile operator Beeline. Its number is 0611. The operator will be happy to answer any questions related to options and rates. You will get an answer from him within a minute.
  • You can also use this method. Contact the Beeline operator's service point in your locality, it is best to go where the mobile phone was connected or a SIM card was purchased. The manager checks the tariff plan information using a special database.To do this, you will need to give him your phone number.


If you know your tariff plan, you can easily optimize your expenses for mobile communication MTS. This can be done by comparing the cost of MMS, voice communication, SMS and a number of services of your tariff plan and others. If you forget its name, do not be upset. Do not rush in search of packaging from the starting package, which shows your tariff plan. There are special services provided by the operator that will help to do this, and in this article you will read how to find out what MTS tariff is connected to on your phone.

  • In order to get information about the name of the tariff, at which your phone number is served, and at the same time to get information about what additional communication services are available, you need to call the contact center at its mobile number, its number is 0890. Listen to the information that will be pronounced by the answering machine to those until you hear the section of the menu that interests you. Choose it.
  • In order to go to the Tariffs, Services, Connection section, you need to press 1. Then 0 is pressed to connect with the operator. You can find out the name of your tariff from the MTS employee who answered.
  • In case you are interested only in the name of the tariff plan that is connected to your mobile phone, you can send a USSD request from the phone. To do this, dial the following combination * 111 * 59 #, then the call button is pressed. A message will appear on the screen, and your tariff plan will be indicated in it.
  • You can find out the name of the service scheme and save the data in the phone’s memory by using the SMS Assistant service. To do this, send an SMS message, which contains the number 6 to the number 111. You will receive, in just a few seconds, a response message with information about the tariff plan of your phone.
  • If after sending an SMS message or a request, there are some obscure characters instead of words on the display, then you need to change the language settings for the displayed information. This will allow in normal mode to read the received responses.

Tele 2

It happens quite often that we begin to think that our tariff plan is already irrelevant. Confusing ads from competitors. Therefore, you need to check the benefits of certain options of your tariff. And for this you need to know which tariffs on tele2 are most relevant and which plan is connected to you.

In order to find out the information for your phone, you need to do the following:

  • On the mobile phone using the keyboard to dial a combination of numbers and symbols * 108 #. After that, press the call. In response, you will receive an SMS message with information about the tariff.
  • You can use the call to number 630, and the operator will give you information about your tariff plan connected on the phone.

Mobile operators are trying to attract more and more new customers, so they regularly update tariffs, services and options. To understand this is difficult. There is a special online service, it is called Tarifer. It helps to select the optimal tariff plan for the main operators. The service analyzes the list of your calls and calculates how much you would pay for using the same services for using other tariffs. Based on this, the most favorable tariff is selected, taking into account the options that are most suitable for you.

Now you know how to find out which tariff is connected on a mobile phone.

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