What is interesting in St. Petersburg?

St. Petersburg is a very beautiful city. This is a city with a great history, unsurpassed architecture and magnificent landscape filling. The old buildings of St. Petersburg can only cause admiration for its unique beauty and powerful stature. But how attractive is this city today, what is interesting in modern St. Petersburg? To feel the special spirit of St. Petersburg, you must first take a short excursion through the ancient streets of this legendary city.


If you come to St. Petersburg for the first time, you first need to wander through the historic part of the city, explore the architecture of buildings, pay attention to the magnificent sculptures, strict canals with clear flowing water, and so naturally weaving into the charming canvas of the city. You are imbued with the spirit of that time and in your imagination a carriage harnessed by a three-bay with a mustache coachman on a box, a beautiful lady in a chic dress, easily supporting a charming train, an imposing man in a tall cylinder, bowing with dignity when meeting with a friend.

What is interesting in St. Petersburg? You can take more than one original photo, walking along the streets of St. Petersburg and examining the remarkable architectural structures: the Admiralty and the Russian Museum, the Smolny and the Hermitage. Everywhere, no matter where you visit, you can, in memory of visiting any historical corner, buy souvenirs reminiscent of a city with a great history - St. Petersburg.


Arriving in St. Petersburg, you are sure to visit museums that excite you with their pristine silence, memorable places that open their most secret corners. For example, the city of Pushkin and Pavlovsk. There you can enjoy the beauty and sophistication of Tsarist Russia. We also recommend visiting the Hermitage, Anichkov Bridge, Sheremetyevo Palace, Russian Museum, House of Books, Museum of the History of Religion, Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic, Museum of Printing, Museum of Cinema, Museum of History of Photography, Cruiser Aurora, Botanical Garden, and much more. Also, we warn you that the cost of admission to museums is large enough, so it is better to choose in advance the place where you want to go, find out the price. Otherwise, in the middle of a vacation you can be left without funds.So, if you are interested in the question of what is interesting in St. Petersburg, you should definitely visit the places mentioned above.

White Nights

Of course, you will lose a lot if you don’t visit St. Petersburg when it shines on white nights. It is in the May and June nights that you can walk through the streets, ride a boat and see everything! After all, the sun practically does not set at the horizon at this time! Even held a special holiday "Scarlet Sails", which takes place in June.


Nothing can compare with this place for the magical beauty of nature and the enchanting glitter of fountains. Peterhof is a favorite resting place of Peter the Great. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland. It was here that Peter the Great united all the delicacies of the then Europe, all its pomp and splendor. And the statue of Samson, which you will see as soon as you enter this park, symbolizes the victory of powerful Russia over the defeated Sweden. Interesting places in St. Petersburg are found almost everywhere. And wherever you go, whatever you examine, you are always waiting for a meeting with history.

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