What is indexing?

We all heard that our state indexes pensions. Perhaps someone at an employer indexes their wages. And what is indexation?

The word "indexation" comes from the Latinindex, which in Russian means "pointer, list". Let's see what can theoretically be indexed and in which spheres of life the word is most often used.

Indexing of incomes

The indexation of income is one of the methodsprotection of the population against inflation, in which social payments or wages are tied to the existing index (list) of consumer prices. With the increase in the price index in the process of inflation, there is a certain increase in the amount of social payments. The indexation of income helps to maintain the level of real income of the population and its purchasing power.

Indexing of documents

However, the term "indexation" is used not onlyto indicate the increase in pensions with rising prices. You can index, for example, documents. So, clerks at registration of the new document assign to it the entering number and thus form the list (index) of documents.

Indexing of sites

With the development of the Internet, the problem became urgentindexing of sites. Search engines (Yandex, Google and others) regularly automatically scan all Internet sites and create their own list (index) of Internet resources. Then, when a user requests, they give him a list of sites. This list starts with the resources on which, in the opinion of the search engines, the most complete response to the user's request is contained.

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