What are fringe and fashion trends?

Fashion often surprises with new ideas and fresh vision. Recently, the free style boho has been very popular. Key elements in this direction: layering, lace, wide palette, many accessories and fringe. The question arises: what is a fringe? Catch the explanation.

A bit of history

This decorative detail could be seen on the attire of energetic Indians and brutal cowboys: pants, capes and ponchos. Already at the beginning of the twentieth century, she adorned the dresses and skirts of women flappers who had experienced emancipation. During their lively dances, the fringe delicately scattered into the rhythm of music and body movements.

Fringe and twiggy

Thirty years have forgotten about this element. But the bright fifties again brought back the glory of the fringe. Hippies could not express themselves without flying tissue. This ambiguous trend was supported by Rita Hayworth, Cher, Panelopa Three and the beautiful Twiggy. The last lady even created her own line of air parts.

Word designation

The word "fringe" refers to a string with dangling threads, delicate fibrous textile pieces, cords on one side. It is often used as a covering for the edges of clothing, tablecloths and decorative finishing of curtains, furniture or lamp shades.

Most often, the fringe is used to trim kerchiefs, scarves, shawls, capes, coats and T-shirts. This gives them a more attractive and uncommon appearance.

Fringe - curtains

There are several types of fringe:

  • silk or satin (ordinary or knitted) - found in the design of curtains and tablecloths;
  • from wool (ordinary or knitted) - as a covering for sofas, couches, chairs;
  • with acrylics or beads - to create a unique design clothes.

It is considered an indispensable part of beach suits, vacant bags and bathrobes. Having dealt with the fact that such a fringe, you can safely proceed to the formation of a unique fashionable image.

Fashion trends: photo

In order not to overdo the outfit's airiness, it is necessary to focus only on one element with a fringe. Win-win is a bucket bag, tote, hipster, tablet or hobo.Roomy and practical models will wonderfully fit into a romantic bow or outfit for a music festival.

Fringe bag

Another winning solution should be called a midi or mini skirt, made of suede. You can add a simple blouse of free cut and light sandals.

Fringe skirt

Another cool choice would be a t-shirt or a crochet top with a fringe. So the advantages of your figure will be emphasized, and a certain playfulness will appear in the overall picture.

Fringe - fashionable bow

The main thing in this case - not to be afraid of experiments. Fringe opens the door to a new world of fashion and style, you just need to smile and go into it.

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