What is dementia?

Dementia is a disease in which the mentalthe ability of a person to fall, which significantly affects the quality of his life. Such an ailment is most often diagnosed in elderly people. They become dependent on the people around them.

The causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of dementia are described below.

Causes of dementia

It is necessary not only to know what is dementia,but also have an idea of ​​what causes this ailment. Most often, dementia occurs due to damage to the brain cells, in particular, due to the death of neurons. Typically, this is due to the fact that the blood vessels are deficient in oxygen, or in the brain are present in a large number of toxic deposits. As a result, people's thinking and feelings are affected.

Also dementia can cause Alzheimer's diseaseor Parkinson's. When they occur, first of all, the nervous system suffers. Then the brain cells die. In addition, dementia can occur after a stroke, heart attack, metal salt poisoning, tumors and head injuries.

Symptoms of dementia

At the first stage of the development of this diseasesymptoms are rare. The patient can only occasionally be forgetful. But it's important not to ignore such a symptom, but to go straight to the doctor for a diagnosis. After all, forgetfulness can be a symptom of another disease.

In the second stage of this disease a person canto note the difficulties in communicating with others, the violation of orientation in well-known places, the constant asking questions, which had previously been answered.

The third stage of the disease causes a person strong aggression or complete passivity. All this is accompanied by frequent loss of memory for a short period of time.

Diagnosis of dementia

To identify dementia, the physician conducts a comprehensivean examination that involves the imaging, testing the patient (he should give answers to simple questions), a neuropsychological examination. Also, the doctor is always asking about the behavior of the patient's relatives to make a more complete picture.

Diagnosis not only allows you to installdementia, but also to identify the reasons for its development. To conduct a survey is necessary as early as possible, preferably in the first stage, when a person began to observe forgetfulness. Then the human intellect will suffer much less.

Treatment of dementia

There is still no effective medicine thatwould help to cure completely of dementia. However, there are methods that are aimed at restraining the development of such an ailment. So, doctors prescribe to patients sports loads, stimulation of mental activity (special preparations, vitamins and performance of exercises for development of mind). It is important that the patient eat foods intended to activate the brain: nuts, protein, seafood, fruit. It is also necessary to provide a comfortable sleep, to eliminate stress, to give up alcohol and smoking.

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