What is degradation?

Alexander Yulin
Alexander Yulin
November 30, 2012
What is degradation?

It is important to understand that any term describes the process itself, so it is useful to know what degradation is and what types of degradation are.

In the broadest sense of the word, degradation is any process during which the state of a system or an individual changes from best to worst. This term has received the most widespread, since it describes the inevitable processes in nature, society, or in human life. Degradation can be of several types.

Biological degradation

Even the aging process can be attributed to this type of degradation, since a once young and strong creature in the process of aging spends all its strengths and skills. Biological degradation can be caused by a natural, irreversible process, or by trauma, illness, or poor living conditions.

Social degradation

We can see social degradation everywhere. An example would be a former employee of the scientific research institute who never found his place in the sun and now leads a miserable existence, working as a waiter or seller in a cheap cafe.This way of simplification is social degradation. The individual-spiritual and intellectual degradation of a person can also be attributed to social degradation, as this affects his position in society.

Systemic degradation

Systemic degradation is embodied in the economic, social, spiritual and methodological spheres, covering the vast strata of society or its subsystems (economy, defense, utilities).

Managed degradation

Recently, in response to the question of what degradation is, experts are increasingly raising the topic of the existence of controlled degradation. It is worth considering this approach separately, talking about what degradation is. The controlled degradation is understood as the malicious reduction of the system to a simplified state.

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