What is an elevator? Detailed analysis

The article tells about what an elevator is, how the grain elevator works and what other values ​​this word has.


what is an elevator

Probably the most important plant cultureis a variety of cereals. And especially wheat, barley and rye. Cultivated and grown them were still our ancestors tens of thousands of years ago. They quickly realized that it was much more profitable and productive to cultivate them than to be content with rare finds of wild wheat and other things. This is how the first farming emerged.

Cereals remained the most important foodresource throughout human history. But gradually, with the growth of the population and the beginning of the era of industrialization, new methods of collecting, processing and storing it were required. And the most common technical complexes, which they do, are called elevators. True, this word has several more meanings, but about everything in order. So what is an elevator? We will talk about this.


grain elevators

If you look into the encyclopedia, it becomes clear,that the elevator is a special technological structure designed to serve for storing large lots of various grains, primary processing or bringing them to a certain conditioning state. Simply put, this is a mechanized storage silo-type grain. So now we know what an elevator is. But let us consider the arrangement of such complexes in more detail.


elevator operation

Most often, such complexes includesilo housings, special devices for loading and unloading (which are also called elevators, but are arranged a little differently), working buildings, grain drying shops and so on. Separately it is worth mentioning the silo capacity of an impressive volume - from 11 to 48 thousand tons. But unlike silage pits, where hemp or grass is stored for animals, grain elevators are equipped with devices for disinfection of the stored grain, good ventilation, in short, all that will preserve its marketable appearance.

Currently, all such complexes in addition tostorage and service facilities also have points for road or rail unloading and loading. Simply put, now this is the automation, a special conveyor, also called the elevator, and serves for the continuous loading of loose or small-sized cargo in a vertical or inclined surface. So we figured out what an elevator is.


The first elevators began to appear in themid-late XIX century. It was then that technologists began to develop more productive methods of storage and primary processing of grain (drying, cleaning from debris, insects, etc.). This was due to the fact that in connection with the constantly growing population of the earth, grain, as well as other products, was required more and use in its harvesting and harvesting the ancient methods was impossible, and the elevator operation accelerated the harvesting of grain. True, at the first such complexes, the loading was carried out manually. Something similar can be seen in some old films, where workers throw grain on a moving tape with shovels. Now we know what an elevator is.


elevator photo

According to the averaged estimates, the cost of grainThe elevator is composed of $ 200 per ton of raw materials at all other costs. Simply put, the price "turnkey" varies greatly and depends on how much grain can store and process the complex. Cereal elevators can also be equipped with various auxiliary equipment at the request of the customer. Naturally, then the price greatly increases.

Other values

In every language that is alive, and on itPeople actively communicate, there are words that have several meanings at once. And usually than they are older, the more actions or things they designate. And the word "elevator" is one of them. We discussed its grain variety, but now we will consider other meanings.

Elevator is also called a special medical instrument, which is used in maxillofacial surgery and dentistry.

This word also includes manyautomated devices, the purpose of which - the uninterrupted loading of some cargo in a vertical or inclined direction. For example, an artillery elevator on warships provides the delivery of shells to cannons. And on aircraft carriers - this is a special lifting device that transports aircraft to the take-off deck.

But most often at the mention of this word, of coursethe same, they mean a complex of grain storage. And the older generation remembers well those times when in the years of the USSR students and schoolchildren were involved in public work on such a grain storage facility as an elevator. Photos of them are almost always shown by large silo tanks or loading flight, on which grain moves.

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