What is a strategy?

The word "strategy" in the general sense means a certain sequence of actions or behavioral models, which should, in turn, lead to the realization of the set goal.

What is a strategy: word meanings

The word "strategy" is multi-valued, let us consider its meaning in more detail:

  1. Strategy - as a model of behavior. The rules of life dictate us to behave differently in different situations. For each type of communication (official, unofficial) there is its own so-called strategy of behavior. For example, if you need to take time off from work due to certain circumstances, you need a tactic of conversation and behavior with your boss, designed so that the result of the conversation brings a positive decision. For more information on how to ask for leave from the authorities in the article How to get time off from work.
  2. Strategy in the game as an algorithm of actions under all kinds of circumstances. The strategy determines the player's operations at any stage of the game. It is a mistake to equate the concepts of "strategy" and "player's turn". A move is only a single action at the time of the game, and a strategy is a detailed action plan for the game as a whole.
  3. Strategy as a genre of computer games, where in virtual mode you need to develop certain tactics of warfare. The basis of the game is the realization of certain resources (for example, troops) that need to be rebuilt into an advantage over the enemy with the help of a plan. In many games of the strategy genre, military and economic components are combined.
  4. Strategy as a chain of business actions aimed at achieving the goals of a firm or enterprise
  5. Strategy as a design template. Its main purpose is to use all sorts of business rules or step-by-step actions depending on the context.

Military strategy

“Strategy” is a word of ancient Greek origin, which means “commander’s art”. The strategy is closely related to military affairs.

Strategy is, first of all, a discipline about military tactics aimed at resolving military conflict, for example, between states, or at winning one of the warring parties. So, this may include the tactics of a sudden attack on the enemy.

Strategy is also a tactic of a military leader, a military leader, presented in the form of a general plan of action of the armed forces of a state. This plan covers a long period of time.The main task of the strategy as a military plan is to ensure that resources are used as efficiently as possible.

Tactics, as one of the main parts of the art of warfare, lies at the heart of strategic objectives. Tactics are a combination of the theory and practice of preparing and conducting combat for various types of armed forces on land, in the air and in water.

In the opinion of the great Prussian commander of the 19th century, Karl Clausewitz, two interrelated processes underlie the conduct of any war:

  1. the formation and implementation of battles at various stages of the war (tactics);
  2. their relationship with the main goal of war (strategy)

The strategy studies the subject of war from two positions:

  • as a phenomenon and event in the life of society;
  • from the point of view of military subjects, that is, how to more effectively use force to defeat the other side or other parties.

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