What is a ravine?

Andrey Kresrerev
Andrey Kresrerev
March 30, 2015
What is a ravine?

Surely each of us had to see on the plains sharp slopes, which are usually overgrown with shrubs. It is about these biases, which are called ravines, we will talk in our article.

What is a ravine, what are the geographical features of a ravine and how are ravines formed?


The ravines are linear landforms that are characterized by sharpness and steepness. They are formed due to the melting of snow and heavy rain, which literally wash away the soil by rapid flows. The earth is eroding, the so-called potholes are formed. Thus, the origin of the ravines is associated with precipitation and atmospheric phenomena, including the wind, which takes out the blurred earth, thereby clearing the ravine and making it even deeper.

Usually in the ravines bloom plants that do not need a lot of sunlight.

It should be noted that the ravines have a detrimental effect on fertile land. Usually, people struggle with ravines, preventing them from going deep, planting trees and shrubs, thanks to whose roots the surface layer of the earth gets at least some protection from atmospheric phenomena.Earth, which is held together by the root system of plants, is able to withstand under the influence of rain. However, this may not be enough if there are no special furrows around the ravine. These grooves make for the water to flow along them, bypassing the ravine.

The ravines are most characteristic of the steppe, forest-steppe zones. Their formation occurs due to uneven precipitation and drying of the soil. As a rule, for the formation of ravines, the soil of rocks, namely clay, loess, is necessary.

The anthropogenic factor also contributes to the formation of ravines. Plowing slopes, as well as the destruction of vegetation and the destruction of the topsoil is one of the main factors for the formation of ravines. Meanwhile, it is rather difficult to grow any crops in ravines. Therefore, in many countries seek to combat the formation of ravines a variety of methods.

The ravines are the initial form of valley formation.

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