What is a presentation?

September 8, 2014
What is a presentation?

To date, the term "presentation" is used very actively. Most often we are talking about a multimedia presentation. Detailed instructions for its creation are presented in the article: How to make a presentation. But the presentation is also an effective informational and advertising tool, which is actively used in marketing, PR, etc. In this article we will understand what the presentation and what are the forms of presentations.

Presentation concept

A presentation is a document, a set of documents or a specially designed event, the purpose of which is to convey to the audience information about the presentation object in the most convenient form. Each presentation should have a plot, an organized structure and a thoughtful script. The main feature of all presentations is interactivity. This means that there must be direct or indirect interaction between the user and the presenter.

Types of presentations

  • Presentations that involve self-study.They contain all the necessary elements and branched structure.
  • Presentations that are created to support events or events. Such presentations are distinguished by minimalism and simplicity in terms of the presence of multimedia, since the main text is pronounced by the moderator.
  • Presentations, which consist of a video about the object of presentation. The most telling example of this form of presentation is a commercial.
  • Presentations that are created in order to present a product or service via e-mail. This type of presentation has a minimum set of multimedia elements in order to reduce the volume of the letter.
  • Presentations in the format of mobile devices. Modern technologies allow you to create a presentation that will be adapted to the small screen size, limited memory, etc.
  • Presentations without the use of computer equipment. This form does not require any technical investments; all necessary notes are made on large sheets during the presentation process. This allows you to create a more holistic picture of the interaction of the parties and not to miss any significant details of the discussion.

Modern specialists in the field of marketing technologies and public relations cannot do without presenting their company, new service or product, the results of their work, etc. Presentation is a very effective tool for creating a positive image, as well as for promoting a client in the market.

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