What is a library?

Alla Miroshnik
Alla Miroshnik
January 11, 2013
What is a library?

The word “library” came to us from the Greek language, and literally means “the place where books are kept”. When covering the question of what a library is, it should be noted that today the word “library” is used not only in the usual sense, but also to define a repository for electronic media.

Digital library

If the first library in the history of mankind appeared in 2500 BC. e., the electronic library appeared much later, namely in 1971 (project Guttenberg). On the Runet, the first electronic library was the project of Maxim Moshkov. Every year the number of visitors to digital libraries increases, while the number of customers in regular libraries is getting smaller. This led to the fact that many libraries have created their own electronic versions, which can be used by readers without even leaving their homes. Answering the question of what an electronic library is, it should be noted that these are sites where books are stored in electronic form.It is authentically impossible to say how many electronic libraries exist on the Internet at the moment, but the fact that their number is constantly increasing is reliably known.

Dll library

Now you should consider what the library dll, because it is this concept that causes the greatest number of questions from Internet users. The DLL library is a repository for code and data used simultaneously by several programs. The author of this library is Microsoft Windows, which assumed that using a DLL would allow it to organize memory and disk space much more efficiently than it was before. Moreover, it was supposed to use a single copy of the library module for a whole set of applications. The DLL module was also relevant at the time because early versions of Microsoft Windows had severe memory limitations.

To make it a little clearer, consider such a simple example. Comdlg32 DLLs in Windows OS perform collaborative functions that are associated with a dialog box. Therefore, each program uses the functionality contained in this DLL to implement the dialog box.Thus, code reuse is performed, and at the same time, efficient memory use is observed. DLLs allow you to use the program for individual components, including during the download to your computer, which significantly reduces both the boot time and the amount of used disk space.

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