What is a lens?

Oksana Vasilyeva
Oksana Vasilyeva
February 5, 2015
What is a lens?

The word "lens" is a derivative of the word "object." A lens is a part of an optical system, which in turn is part of an optical device. Let's try to figure out what a lens is like an optical system, and in which devices it may be present.

A lens is a system of lenses in one frame, through which an image (imaginary or real) of an object of observation or shooting is formed. Lenses are present in the following optical devices:

  • Devices designed to form and capture an image of an object: cameras, film and video cameras.
  • Observation devices: microscope, telescope, binoculars.
  • Measuring optical devices: range finder, optimeter, etc.

Lenses differ in design, in the form of optical correction, in focal length. These and some other parameters constitute the main characteristics of the lens. Namely:

  • focal length;
  • luminosity;
  • field of view;
  • resolution (resolution);
  • the nature and level of aberrations (optical distortion);
  • the multiplicity of the zoom (the ability to approximate the observed object).

With the development of photography, film and television, the word "lens" has become widely used in the media. Such a stable expression as “getting into the lens” appeared and stuck - to be captured on a photo or film. For example: "Unsuccessful office robbers hit the camera lens."

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