What is a gainer? What is better: protein or gainer?

Many professional athletes quite often pronounce such a word as a gainer. It is often used not only by experienced bodybuilders. This sports nutrition is recommended for beginners. So what is a gainer?

What is meant by such sports nutrition?

what is a gainer

Translated from English, this term means "increase, increase." Under geynerom need to understand a special food supplement, which belongs to the category of sports nutrition. By sport pit means a special kind of food, necessary for those people who seriously decide to start attending the gym. The main goal of such products is to supply all the required nutrients, with the help of which the construction of muscle tissue will take place at a sufficiently high speed.

What is sportpit needed for?

Speaking about what a gainer, it is necessary to mention its purpose. It is necessary for those athletes who need to increase muscle mass as soon as possible.Therefore, in the composition of the sports nutrition of this type are such building materials as proteins and carbohydrates. There are other additional supplements. Directly protein is necessary for the formation of muscles. Due to carbohydrates, the body acquires all the energy required for training.

best gainer

Speaking about what a gainer, it is worth noting that the additional elements can be very different. These are numerous vitamins, creatine, and many other substances useful for the body. And the gainer must be taken by athletes in order to adjust their diet.

The first sports products

The product has a long history. At one time it was used to create cheap protein, a large amount of fat and sugar. Accordingly, his caloric content was quite high. One serving contained at least 3,000 calories. Naturally, talking about the high benefits of such food is not worth it. Even now within Russia there are such additives. Therefore, you should purchase sports nutrition only from reputable suppliers.

With the help of a gainer, you can gain the necessary mass.

protein or gainer

If you want to understand what a gainer is, then you should know why it is necessary. First of all, it is a kind of food additive. It is necessary for those people who are ectomorphs in their physique. In other words, if a novice athlete cannot gain muscle mass in a short period of time, then he should turn his attention to a gainer. If about 2-3 servings are added to the standard ration, then the muscle mass will start to grow more quickly. However, it must be remembered that it is not necessary to use such a product without training, as there will not be too much sense from it. Sometimes this amount of servings may not be enough to increase the muscles. In such a situation, it is necessary to buy those supplements, due to which it will be necessary to increase the caloric content of the daily diet.

If a person is an endomorph by body structure, that is, he easily gains weight, then such sports nutrition is not recommended for him, since carbohydrates will turn into adipose tissue. For such people, the best option would be protein mixtures and slow carbohydrates. From the use of such a drink as a gainer, boxers, basketball players, football players and other athletes, who are often subjected to aerobic exercise, can get the effect.

What effect can be obtained?

mass gainer

If you use sports nutrition immediately before training, you will be able to stay in good shape for a long time. After the exercises, the strength will be restored in a shorter time. With proper diet and sports nutrition intake mode, you can safely keep the weight at the desired level. Those gainers that are produced at the present stage can be excellent from the position of reducing agents and energy sources.

What can be combined sports mix?

What else can you say, talking about a gainer? What kind of additives, for example, can be used in combination with him? Professionals advise buying creatine. Proteins with carbohydrates will contribute to the high rate of absorption of this product. You can also mix these two sports supplements in one cocktail and use immediately after the end of the training complex. In addition, with a gainer, protein is often consumed.

What sports product is better to buy?

what gainer

Protein or Gainer? It is necessary to understand the main differences that exist between them. By protein is meant protein mixtures. The composition of such sports nutrition includes a minimum amount of fat and carbohydrates.The basis of this nutrient is protein.

Geynera - these are mixtures in which the main elements are carbohydrates and proteins. Minor amounts of unsaturated fats may also be included. Carbohydrates in the mixture can be up to 80%, proteins - up to 40%. In this regard, this sports nutrition is high in calories. One portion of the mixture reaches about 1 thousand. Kcal.

Speaking of what is better - protein or a gainer, it should be noted that in the second variant complex carbohydrate-protein feed will be provided. In the muscles will be made up for lack of protein due to amino acids. And carbohydrates, in turn, will add energy.

gainer mass

In order to make a choice between these two sports drinks, you need to take into account your physique. As already mentioned, a gainer is more suitable for ectomorphs, and a protein for endomorphs. Mesomorphs - people with such a physique, to strengthen which you can take and gainer, and protein.

What recommendations should be considered?

How to get the best gainer? In this case, you have to look at the composition. It should also be noted that it is not worthwhile to compare sports nutrition by the number of servings, since their size can vary from 30 to 400 grams. The comparison should be based on the percentage of substances.So, what you need to pay attention, making a choice in favor of a certain sports nutrition.

  1. Protein content. The best gainer contains in its composition about 30-35% of this substance. For example, mass gainer Mass contains about 34% protein. The norm can be considered 20-25%. Do not take the mixture in which the protein content is less than 20%. However, this is not talking about poor quality.
  2. The fact that a good gainer or not, says the sugar content. In ideal situations, it should not be at all. But there is one that contains up to 40% sugar.
  3. Usually in good sports nutrition there is whey or multicomponent protein. Soy supplement should be alerted.
  4. It is very important to turn your attention to the manufacturer. It is better to choose the products that were released by proven and popular companies.
  5. The main indicator can be a price. If it exceeds a thousand rubles per kilogram, then it is best to refrain from buying. A good price varies from 700-900 rubles. In the event that there is not enough protein in sports nutrition, then its cost can reach only 500 rubles.

If you want to get a good gainer, it is best to calculate the percentage of basic substances. The number of servings does not play a major role.Especially popular today is the mass gainer Mass, in which 34% protein and 45% carbohydrates. One percent goes for sugar.

What conclusions can be reached?

gainer effect

Slow weight gain can be associated not only with a lack of proteins. May always lack carbohydrates. And it will be very difficult to increase muscle volume only if you start to use any one type of sports nutrition. Best of all to combine them with each other. You can also choose the gainer, which has a large percentage of protein.

High protein gainer is estimated at about a thousand rubles. Low protein gainer can be purchased for 500 rubles. If you mix protein with a low amount of protein gainer, then by the sum it will be about 800 rubles.

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