What is a feeder?

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What is a feeder?

A feeder is a special English fishing tackle for bottom fishing. The main advantage of feeder gear is the ability to fish in places far from the coast, where large fish is not as cautious as at the coast, while it is important to note that the fisherman can not catch from a boat, but remain on the shore.

What is a feeder?

A feeder is a special rod device with a feeder attached to it. Rods varies in length, build and test. Build is the ability of the feeder to bend during casting the bait, the test is an indicator of the strength and sensitivity of the rod, which is determined by two numbers: the first shows the minimum weight of the nozzle, the second - the maximum.

Types of feeders that are mounted on the feeder rod, there are many, they differ in shape and method of attachment.

How to choose a feeder?

Choosing a feeder is an individual matter, but a number of recommendations still exist here. First, the larger the reservoir, the longer the rod will need. Secondly, the nature of the reservoir must be taken into account - for a river, the test should be 100-120feedergrams, for reservoirs without a fast current (pond, lakes, etc.) - not more than 60 grams.

With regard to the choice of the system, everything is individual here; hard rods (fast action) make it possible to better control movements, but flexible (slow action) make it possible to avoid breaking the line with sharp and powerful shocks of prey.

The choice of feeder depends on how it will be easier for the fisherman to work with the fastening method.

Bait - the most important part of feeder fishing, and therefore it must be chosen wisely. So, for stagnant water bodies, it is necessary to use loose and fragrant bait, but for fast-flowing rivers, sticky bait is recommended so that it will not immediately be torn down by the current and “unwind” throughout the reservoir.

How to use feeder?

The main rule of successful fishing on the feeder - pre-feeding. If you are going to catch far from the coast, then for proper feeding you will need to train your accuracy first - throwing the feeding should be done precisely, there is no sense to spread the bait all over the reservoir.feeder

The tactic of catching on the feeder differs from the classic bottom fishing.Classic bottom gear involves a large number of rods, in feeder fishing one is enough, especially for inexperienced fishermen. In addition, there is no need to wait long for a bite, if it is not there, the operational response is important, a quick transition to another feeding, or even catching it in another place.

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