What is a citadel?

Natalya Kosenko
Natalya Kosenko
February 19, 2015
What is a citadel?

The word "citadel" is borrowed from Italian and means "small town". What is a citadel, well known to the ancient warriors who defended the city from attack. Definitions of the word are based on the concept of "stronghold, support."

Citadel as a fortification

The stronghold was called the stronghold used by the garrison to protect the city. It could be a fortress as a whole or its separate part, which had an independent defense. In the event of the fall of the main defense structures, the citadel was the last refuge for the soldiers.

The first strongholds can be considered as defensive fortifications of the Indian civilization. In Russia, such fortifications were called Dytynets, and later - the Kremlin. There were also barracks for the garrison and administrative buildings on its territory.

A vivid example of such fortifications of the Renaissance, preserved to this day, is the Spandau citadel in Berlin.

Ship Citadel

Some sea vessels are equipped with a citadel to protect against pirates.Despite the fact that such a construction is not cheap, there are cases when the ship's citadel saved the crew from death. The citadel is equipped in the place where control is possible from, and must meet several requirements:

  • be as tight as possible to eliminate the possibility of "smoking out" the team;
  • to have independent communication systems, for example, satellite, which will be useful in case of destruction of the main communication and navigation systems by pirates;
  • have a supply of food and medicine for the whole crew of the vessel for at least 3-5 days;
  • equipped with hidden surveillance systems to be able to track the actions of the enemy.

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