What is a chronicle?

February 9, 2015
What is a chronicle?

The word "chronicle" has many meanings, but in a general sense, a chronicle is a record of events produced by a contemporary in their sequence.

Below in the article are all the meanings of the word Chronicle, as well as the words that were derived from the word Chronicle.

Other meanings

  • A chronicle is a type of medieval literature that involves the narration of historical events in chronological order (that is, in the order in which they occurred). A synonym for this term is the word "chronicle".
  • A chronicle is a literary work that narrates about one's family or family or social and political events.
  • Chronicles call brief information about current events on radio, television and other media.
  • The Chronicle is a documentary film about real events.
  • In publishing, the chronicle department specializes in collecting and describing local life events.

The word "chronicle" formed the basis of the following concepts:

  • A chronograph is a chronicler.
  • Chronometer - accurate astronomical clock.

Now you know what a chronicle is, and you can correctly use this word.

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