What is a bicycle?

Gulnara Gurbanova
Gulnara Gurbanova
March 7, 2015
What is a bicycle?

The word "bicycle" (from. Lat. Velox - fast and pedes - legs) came to Russian from French, where it was literally translated as "fast legs". Actually, the bike is the type of transport that is driven by the muscular strength of the legs. For movement should rotate the pedals. As a rule, a bicycle has two wheels, but there are models with three, four wheels and even one (unicycle). The main parts of the bike are wheels, frame, seat, steering wheel, pedals, chain.

Bicycle - a popular form of transport

It is no exaggeration to download, that the bike - one of the most common means of moving. In total, there are more than a billion of them in the world, and the number is steadily growing. This is due to the fact that the bike is a very affordable, economical, environmentally friendly and relatively safe (if you do not ride it on the highway) mode of transport, which, moreover, is lightweight and small in size.

There are mountain, road, sport, children's bicycles and even tandems (with two or more seats,arranged one after another). This is not the whole list of varieties of this vehicle.

A sociological survey conducted in 2005 in the UK showed that the greatest number of Britons consider the bicycle to be the most important invention of mankind since 1880. The majority appreciated both the historical and social role of this two-wheeled vehicle.

But if you ask an Asian who lives in a metropolis with many hours of traffic jams what a bicycle is for him, then you will know that this is the most necessary thing, because in some cities you can get to work on time only on this type of transport.

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