What give flowers?

Flowers are loved by all people and it is not a secret. After all, flowers are a sign of love and respect. It is especially nice when you are given them for a first date, for a birthday or for a wedding - these are the most memorable days in the life of every person. In this article we will try to write general information about how to give flowers to a person for the significant dates of his life.

What flowers to give on the first date

There is no doubt that your first date is a wonderful moment that is very connected with your experiences. In colors you emphasize your feelings towards a person. A date is always a time for walks, and if you brought a huge bouquet of roses to a girl, then it is clear that your walk will not be long.

So, what kind of flowers you can give on the first date:

  • Probably half of the men would choose a rose, as an excellent addition to the situation. And probably, this is always a winning move. But to be honest, the rose has become such a traditional flower, which is universal for all holidays.
  • You can also give exotic flowers, but this option may not appeal to people.Perhaps the girl loves daisies, and you brought an orchid.
  • The best option in the question of which flowers are best to give for the first date is a small, elegant bouquet from a set of several components (meaning flowers: lilies of the valley, violets, chamomile, tulips). Such a bouquet you can choose, given the nature of the girl, looks and it will be really nice. Moreover, these are not huge roses, it will not be difficult for a girl to walk with flowers. Here is such a practical advice from experts - florists.

I think that with the flowers that are given on the first date, we figured it out. We do not impose our opinion on you, but simply list the possible options (which are most often true in the question: which flower to give to the girl?).

How to choose flowers for birthday

Birthday flowers are chosen as carefully as the main gift. Also try to make beautiful compositions, choose flowers to the character of a person. If you do not know what kind of person loves flowers, then return to the universal option - roses. Indeed, these flowers, just unmistakably become a great addition to the gift.Roses also need to be selected in such a way that a person understands what relationship you have to him. That is, if you give pink roses, it means that you emphasize your tender feelings towards a person; red - will symbolize beauty; whites - show your respect; scarlet, to strong love. All flowers have their own hidden language that helps them communicate and give joy to any person.

Flowers for the wedding

Again, roses are most often presented to the wedding; this is traditionally for newlyweds, as a symbol of love and beauty. A bouquet choose gentle tones. Also at the wedding like to give lilies, but remember that it is best to first find out if there is an allergy to the newlyweds. After all, the smell of lily is very strong. Pay attention to the bouquet of gerberas, follow it in the size of 9 flowers, it is easy to play with gerberas, you can choose both a monophonic bouquet and a variegated one. Do not forget about lilies of the valley, because based on popular beliefs, a bouquet of lilies of the valley promises a lot of happiness in the future newlyweds.

In conclusion, I would like to give some information about what kind of flowers to give to a person in a pot. Most people tend to give different violets, geranium, fashionable to give an orchid.Also, do not be afraid to give exotic spathiphyllum, crotons, indoor roses. Do not forget about the ficuses, when it blooms, you can watch a beautiful flower and, moreover, it perfectly fits into the interior.

We gave general advice or recommendations on the choice of colors that can be presented to a person without knowing his preferences in colors.

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