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Wedding in a dream - why would it?

So, if you see yourself at your own wedding, then this means that in the near future you will have to resolutely change the life to come, and therefore make a number of very important decisions for this. And rest assured, everything will change in your favor. You are also awaited by an unexpected inheritance left to you by a distant and unfamiliarwhat is dreaming about the weddingrelative. Are you interested to know what it means if a wedding dream, even if it is not yours? This means that the situation ahead is not a very pleasant situation, because of which you have to worry for a long time. But it concerns not you specifically, but your close relative or old friend.

Getting ready for the wedding. In a dream

Many girls on the eve of the wedding are often haunted by the same dream. As if they had already begun preparations for the long-awaited triumph, and everyone is trying to help them as much as possible, and the mother of the future husband, that is, the mother-in-law, is trying most So - what is the dream of preparing for a wedding? Girls,rejoice and tremble! Suppose you have not even seen the wedding procession itself, nor the wedding dress on yourself and, in general, remember everything is very vague and vague, you know, this dream is prophetic, and he dreams about the wedding with your young man. The probability of your marriage is 100%. And the heavenly powers are on your side! And whatever others say to you, in whatever convince you, remember what awaits you and what you need to prepare for.what dream about preparing for the wedding
Something else that usually dreams about a wedding

This is a blooming garden, along the avenue of which you are walking along with your betrothed. Of course, you have fun, and you are very happy. A great option - if you went under the tops of the trees of the garden together, or left the garden, holding hands. Instead of a garden there may be a gazebo covered with flowers (or fruits). We are all very different, and our dreams are such that no dream book can give a clear interpretation. You yourself can understand intuitively what dreams of the wedding for you. Those girls who were married shortly after seeing dream that a few weeks before the wedding, someone dreamed of a white horse (or horse), and someone — gun shots. Some people declare with full confidence that a wedding ring that youwhat does it mean if a wedding dreamaccidentally found.And someone about the upcoming wedding was clearly "told" by the pigeons who had dreamed, who were sitting on the arms outstretched to them. If you try on a chain or a bracelet - this can also be a harbinger of marriage. If you cross the river over the bridge with your beloved man, then by all means be soon a wedding. Or if a man takes you in his arms, or you ride with him in the car.
Someone was measuring new shoes, someone was running away from a bear, and someone was standing on the bank of a stormy river with clear crystal-clear water. For weddings, dreams are also paired, for example, any shoes: shoes, boots, sandals. A pair of slippers, socks or mittens in a dream is also a precursor of marriage. But this is only the clue of dreams, by which you will understand that there will soon be a wedding. Someone they may portend the desired celebration, but someone may not dream at all, and the girl will marry anyway. But the surest sign that you can expect a cherished ceremony soon is the appearance of the one and only, precious and beloved person in your life. Therefore, knowing that the dream of a wedding, you will always be ready for any surprises.

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