What dreams of the street?

Evgenia Perebasova
Evgenia Perebasova
March 16, 2015
What dreams of the street?

Every night we see dreams, but not every one of them we remember, and certainly not every dream can disturb us long after waking up. If a dream or some moment from it is especially colorful and emotionally intense, it means that the dream can be prophetic. Such dreams are worth trying to decipher. In this article, we will tell you why the street is dreaming and what symbolizes such a dream.

Interpretation of dreams about the street

The interpretation of dreams about the street is the same for men and women. Usually, a street seen in a dream symbolizes an event, a matter or a trip. If in a dream you just look at the street, then this means that you will achieve your goals.

Fleeing the street from the killer or robber means that you are ready to be drawn into an adventure to achieve the goal - be careful!

What dreams about walking down the street

If in a dream you are idle walking along the street, it means that you are losing hope of achieving the goal, you are worried about your affairs. A walk in a brightly lit street foreshadows a pleasure event, entertainment,however, do not have much hope - it will not bring great joy.

If a dream passes in search of the right street, it means that in life you are looking for a new occupation, goal. You are moving in the right direction: now is the right moment to find your place in life.

If you roam the deserted streets, it means that there is a period of peace in your life, the people around you do not pester you, one word is calm. Use it with benefit: engage in self-development.

To meet good friends who greet you in a friendly way while walking down the street in a dream means that in the near future you will find yourself in the center of attention.

What dream unfamiliar street

If the walk passes along an unfamiliar street of a foreign city, it promises you a futile journey that will not meet your expectations and will not bring joy.

If you get lost in unfamiliar streets, and passers-by are unable to help you, it means that there is no one to support you in this life situation. You have to rely only on yourself. But if in a dream you manage to find the right way, then the situation will be resolved in your favor and you will prove to everyone that you are right.

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