What will the dream book tell? Bird dreamed

If in a dream you saw birds, then it is impossible to unequivocally say what the plot dreamed of. In order to correctly interpret what he saw, it is necessary to analyze the details, namely: where the birds were, what they did, what kind of feathering they were. We propose to analyze this dream together.

Beautiful bird dreamed

Dream BirdRemember the details of sleep, and then read the dream book. A big bird with a beautiful plumage you dreamed - expect happiness and good luck. Fate is favorable to you. After such a dream, you can start any business. All undertakings will be crowned with success. It's time to make expensive purchases. Especially successful will be transactions related to real estate. You can also say that at work everything will be fine with you. Career growth and praise from the authorities you are guaranteed. Tells the dream book: a beautiful bird dreamed of a young unmarried woman - a sign symbolizing a pleasant meeting and passion. Most likely, in the near future you will fall in love with a beautiful stranger, and he will reciprocate.If the bird in a dream did not fly away from you, know that the novel can end with a wedding. And the winged beauty who has flown away predicts that love hopes will not come true.

See chicks in the nest

A dream in which you saw a bird in a nest with chicks has a very good meaning. This is for pregnancy, replenishment in the family. The bird feeds your little ones in your dream - you will be a good parent. If you see how chicks learn to fly, then it is worth remembering about mom and dad. Go to them, they are bored and need your attention. If you see eggs in a nest, then such a dream has an unfavorable meaning. Most likely, the pregnancy will be interrupted.

Bird in flight

Dream Dream Birds Dream InterpretationAnd what is the dream of flying birds? Dream interpretation interpretation of dreams such divides into two values. One is auspicious, the other is trouble. If a bird flies over you and screams, wait for the news. The louder the bird's voice, the more alarming the news will be. If you watch the birds fly with a wedge, get ready to travel. In the near future you will be offered to relax far from home. And the trip will be enjoyable if in a dream the birds flew in the daytime. Flying birds at night - to anxieties, unfulfilled hopes, troubles, problems.And here’s another interesting meaning is the dream book: a bird flew and dropped a feather that the sleeper caught during his fall. Such a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of the cherished desire, happiness and joy in his personal life. If you do not catch the pen, then luck will pass.

Good or bad news tells a dream

Dream BirdScroll through the dream book. Bird is dreaming of bad events. If you eat poultry meat, get ready for diseases. You see a fat, big white-fowlled poultry walking along the street - you can expect bad news. If on your way in a dream the bird remains met, wait for the unexpected guests. A very good sign, says the dream book, is a bird caught sleeping by bare hands. This is a big win, an unexpected gift and good.

Sleep promises trouble

It should be noted that the birds sometimes dream of trouble, grief. If you have seen in a dream flying birds over a cemetery or feathered friends are fighting out the window, wanting to get into your house, get ready for bad and difficult events.

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