What does hair consist of?

As you know, the best decoration of any woman is her hair. According to their structure, they are different: someone is thin and brittle, and someone - thick and elastic. The structure of the hair depends on their composition. Let us consider in more detail what the hair consists of.

Hair structure

The hair, as a rule, consists of a visible and invisible part. The visible part of the hair is the core, invisible, immersed in the scalp, is the root. The lower part of the root contains a small papilla, which consists of blood vessels and nerve endings. This nipple performs a nutritional function to ensure hair growth.

The root of the hair is fixed in the so-called hair follicle - follicle. Thus, the density of the hair depends on the number of follicles in the scalp. Since the number of follicles laid at the genetic level, the density of human hair is determined from birth. Typically, women with blond hair have approximately up to one hundred and fifty thousand hair, and women with red hair have eighty thousand hair.The amount of hair in the temples and forehead is significantly less than on the crown.

The onion is the deepest and most expanded part of the root. The place of coincidence of the hair exit to the surface with the release of the sebaceous glands surrounding this hair is called the hair pore. Thanks to the sebaceous glands, the elasticity of the outer part of the hair is maintained. When secretion from the sebaceous glands in an insufficient amount of hair dims and becomes brittle.

The hair root and the surface of the skin are connected by a small hair muscle, regulated by the nervous system. With the contraction of the hair muscle, the hair becomes upright. This process is most pronounced in humans when frightened.

As for the hair shaft, it includes three layers: outer, middle and last (outer). The outer layer of the hair shaft is called the cuticle. It consists of seven or nine rows of horny plates, which are arranged in the form of tiles. The middle layer of the hair shaft is called the cortex. It performs the flexible and elastic function of the hair, and the pigment content of melanin gives the hair a rich color.With aging of the human body, this pigment disappears little by little, which causes the appearance of gray hair. The last layer of the hair shaft is called "medulla." It contains not completely cornified cells. If a person has very thin hair, then such hair may not have the last layer of the hair shaft. We told you what the hair consists of, and now let's take a closer look at its chemical composition.

The chemical composition of the hair

The chemical composition of hair is characterized by the presence of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and sulfur. The main constituents of the hair are melanin and keratin. Thanks to keratin, keratinization of hair cells occurs, and the presence of melanin in the composition of the hair ensures their color saturation. Hair also contains substances such as cholesterol, mineral compounds and arsenic.

When braking and completely stopping the process of functioning of the active cells of the papilla, the deceased hair is replaced with a new fresh hair. Thus, the bulb is pushed out, which results in loss of hair. Thanks to the newly formed active cells, the life of a new hair begins in the hair sac.The normal natural process of changing hair is characterized by loss of 30-50 hairs per day.

With all this it should be remembered that any hair requires careful care. The better we take care of them, the longer they will delight the eye with its good structure and rich color!

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