What do Russians eat?

Many foreigners, once having tried dishes of Russian traditional cuisine, are attached to it with all their hearts. And all because the food in our country has always been prepared from the most simple products, but the dishes were distinguished by an unprecedented taste variety. What do Russian people eat and drink invariably for many hundreds of years?

Russians eat food, as a rule, three times a day, not counting small snacks between them. Such a tradition has long been formed - so they ate even in Russia

What do Russians eat for breakfast?

This meal does not take much time. Often on the table of the Russian people can see the following products: scrambled eggs, sandwiches or porridge. Purely Russian breakfast option - freshly toasted cheesecakes. Cooked from cottage cheese, soft, with an appetizing crust, cheesecakes are a favorite dish of many Russians. In addition, they are very satisfying, and prepare very quickly.

Another traditional breakfast is porridge. There is already a whole expanse of flavors - millet, pearl barley, oatmeal, semolina, rice. Hercules porridge, or, simply, oatmeal - a popular breakfast among the girls who monitor health and weight: it is not only healthy, but also low-calorie.Oatmeal is often seasoned with sliced ​​sweet fruits, raisins, fresh berries - this makes it even healthier and richer. Semolina is also often complemented, but not with fruit, but with sweet jam.

For breakfast, Russian people often bake pancakes. It is rather a Sunday option. Pancakes are traditionally made thin, oiled, and served with honey or homemade jam, condensed milk. Often they are stuffed with various nutritional fillings - cottage cheese, meat, onions and eggs.

Also at breakfast, in addition to meals, they often drink hot tea or coffee.

What do Russians eat for lunch?

For lunch, cook the traditional first and second. The first dishes include liquid - various soups, hot and cold. Traditional first course - one of the oldest in Russian cuisine - of course, soup. They are lean, only with vegetables and onions, or with meat. They were cooking soup in Russia, and they were all loved - from peasants to noblemen. Cooked soup in the oven, and then they acquired a special characteristic flavor.

Borsch is better known than soup - it is popular all over the world. Hot fragrant nourishing soup will instantly lift your spirits and relieve fatigue - the Russian knows this very well.

Okroshka is a cold dish, and very peculiar. Foreigners may find it unusual to try this soup. The fact is that the basis of okroshka is kvass. Also there are eggs, onions, greens, cucumbers, boiled meat, radish - all this is finely crumbling. It turns out okroshka.

On the other hand, Russian people like to eat side dishes and meat or fish. Often different kinds of pickles are served to the main dish - sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, pickles. By the end of dinner, compote or tea is served - perhaps with sweet.

What do Russians eat for dinner?

Dinner is varied. Often prepared something meat with a side dish or a fish dish, salad - for example, a salad. At the end of the possible dessert.

Time dictates its own rules, and now Russians are no longer so strictly adhered to traditions. They are actively interested in other cuisines - Japanese, French, Thai, etc. For dinner, for example, you can easily order Japanese sushi or go to an Italian restaurant.

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