The question that we will raise in our today'sarticle, has the character of an existential plan. What does this concept mean? The existential question is the question of the meaning, essence and mode of existence of something. Simply put, today we will touch upon the theme of being and calling of all mankind and each person separately. Let's reflect on our life together. So:

What are we living for?

Any sane person should understand thatWhile there is no precise unequivocal answer to this difficult question. What is the meaning of our stay on this beautiful planet? What if a person does not feel that his life is filled with a deep essence? All these questions are asked by people who are experiencing some crisis. This problem refers to the psychology of man.

What can an ordinary person do that can notto penetrate into the hidden secrets of the universe and understand its purpose in this boundless world. The answer lies in the person himself. The matter is that each of us is a part of one whole. Part of a single world. Each detail of the system, as a rule, carries the energy for the realization of its functions. Accordingly, the fundamental task of each person is to find their function. Find your destiny in this world.

For what does a person live?

After a person can answer the question about his goals, he can come closer to understanding the essence of life as a whole in the universe.

There is a hypothesis called theorychaos. According to the postulates of this concept, life is just an accidental coincidence of chemical reactions and biological mutations. A pessimistic view of the world of representatives of this theory is quite justified. Scientists and science as a whole do not have enough information about the origin and structure of our world. We still can not understand ourselves. How can we understand the world that created us? In support of this theory are scientific facts. The theory of evolution and formation of galaxies and planets tells us that man appeared due to an incredible coincidence of circumstances, which however took more than 14 billion years.

Why do we need to live?

The conditions that our planet possesses areideal conditions for life. For example, the Earth is at an ideal distance from the sun. It is not too close, and not too far removed. The Earth has a natural satellite that balances and balances the movement of our green planet both around its axis and around the sun. These are just some of the facts that make us wonder what kind of lucky people we are.

That's why many people are wondering about thethe meaning of all this, about the meaning of its existence. The most correct and psychologically healthy position in this matter is the position, which asserts that the meaning lies in our own life. Everyone should find themselves in something. It can be career, family, activity and self-improvement. Many complain that they do not feel themselves belonging to this life. They do not see the point in their actions. They vainly disappear in places they do not want to be. They spend their energy on interacting with people they do not need. What are they living for?

To find yourself, you need to feel yourself. You need to find what you need. It is very difficult, but it is absolutely necessary in order not to get lost in this complex and ambiguous world. The market economy today dictates to us a special manner of behavior, which, unfortunately, removes us from understanding our destination in this world. Develop yourself, your body, soul and intellect. And maybe then you will find what you have been looking for.

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