What are bonuses?

January 13, 2015
What are bonuses?

The word "bonus" is found today very often. Bonuses are distributed to customers in stores, subscribers on the Internet, gamers in games. But what are bonuses exactly? Read about it in our article.

What does “bonus” mean?

The word "bonus" comes from the Latin "bonus" and literally translates as "good" or "good." In modern language, the word has gone far from the literal meaning, but has retained a positive connotation.

So what does “bonus” mean? In the most common sense, this is an additional reward. Bonuses may, for example, be paid to employees at the end of the year as a salary increase. Bonuses can be given in addition to the main reward.

Bonuses can also be a special form of discount - when the seller does not just deduct a certain percentage from the value of his product, but first allows the user to accumulate a certain amount on the account from previous purchases and then credits this amount in payment for a new purchase.

Many mobile operators and Internet service providers charge their subscribers with bonuses for long service, especially active use of services, etc.and then make it possible to pay for other services with these bonuses or to buy gifts for them. If you want to check whether you have bonuses on your mobile phone account, read our article How to find out how many bonuses.

The bonus, however, may be associated with a reward in a not so obvious way. For example, the following wording is common: “If you lead a cat, it will delight you with its appearance, and protection against mice in the house will be a bonus.” In this sense, a bonus means an additional advantage, the benefit of any acquisition or phenomenon.

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