We organize child nutrition at 10 months

Month after month, the baby gives his parents an unforgettable experience, learning new things and improving the skills already acquired. Not surprisingly, his nutritional needs grow at the same time as the year is closer. That is why it is necessary to organize the nutrition of the child in 10 months.baby nutrition at 10 months

And what's on the plate?

Eating a baby at 10 months is increasingly approaching a healthy diet for an adult. However, this does not mean that from now on the baby should be fed from the common table. There are a number of rules that parents should be aware of when composing the menu of their child. Of course, first of all, we are talking about the list of allowed products and the rules for their processing.

Dairy delicacies

Baby nutrition at 10 months is still based on milk and its derivatives. Breastfeeding or infant formula is also maintained. It is worth repeating again that WHO strongly recommends enriching the diet of a child up to two years with these products, leaving at least one feeding.But at the same time, the daze can and should be offered to children’s yoghurt, cottage cheese and yogurt, which can be cooked on your own or purchased in a children's dairy kitchen. But with respect to pasteurized milk, pediatricians for the most part have an unequivocal opinion - it is better to offer it to the child after a year. And even porridge should be prepared on a specialized mixture or powdered milk.

Fish, bird, myasko

The menu of the child 10 months must contain meat dishes. At the same time, it is a rule that such delicacies are prepared only from lean meat. Already familiar veal and rabbit are enriched with lean pork and beef. Do not forget about poultry dishes: chicken and turkey breast are perfect for cooking meatballs. But familiarity with the egg can be postponed until the year if the child is prone to allergies. If not, then only the yolk is injected, and the initial portion should be no more than 1/8 of its mass. It is a controversial issue about fish dishes for the same reason. But if there are no allergies, then hake, pike perch and sea bass, introduced at 9 months, remain.

Bright and helpful

Of course, we are talking about fruits and vegetables.All those that have already been in the diet are preserved, but they also impose onions, cabbage, strawberries, raspberries (provided that there is no allergic reaction). In general, pediatricians are inclined to believe that the more varied vegetables and fruits on the baby’s menu, the better. True, it is necessary to postpone familiarity with corn, eggplant, mushrooms.baby's diet 10 months

Porridge - our life

Eating a baby at 10 months, except for breast milk or its substitute, still keeps porridge. At the same time, it is possible to diversify the daily menu quite simply if you offer alternately mono- and poly-compound cereals. In addition, it is necessary to introduce the child with pasta. And the time to get acquainted with cookies and bagels also has come.

How to cook?

Oddly enough, but the cooking methods do not change. All the same food is subjected to heat treatment by cooking, both in water and steamed. The issue of extinguishing is debatable. If the child is already familiar with vegetable oils, then you can try to offer him steamed vegetables with the permission of the pediatrician. In addition, the food itself must be fed to the child in small pieces that the baby will be able to chew. Do not neglect raw vegetables and fruits.However, such feeding should take place under the supervision of parents.baby menu 10 months

All by the hour

The diet of a child 10 months undergoes some changes that are associated not only with time, but also with the number of feedings. So, feed is already on the clock. Pediatricians recommend leaving 5 full meals, two of which - the first morning and the last evening - fall only on breast milk or formula. But breakfast, lunch and dinner "are at the mercy of" adult dishes.

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